Self-Realization or Self-Gift?

Self-Realization or Self-Gift?

Yes, we want to get married eventually — but only after we've experienced the freedom of our 20s and had a chance to get know ourselves better.

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Don't Sell Yourself Short

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Your Turn: How Jesus Saved My Long-Distance Relationship

2 days ago by Boundless Community2

by Marcus Privitt I have been in a long-distance relationship for a year, and the whole process has been arduous, ambitious and awkward. The long-distance rela..

Standing Up for Femininity

2 days ago by Amy Seed33

Actress Kirsten Dunst recently caused a stir after she made some comments during an interview about femininity being undervalued. Her stance was..

The Family Project: Episode 324

3 days ago by Lisa Anderson3

Listen to this week's show! Question to consider: Where have you let today's culture erode your view of (or hope for) the family? Roundtable: It Starts..

Fuel Your Relationship With Good Questions

4 days ago by Suzanne Hadley Gosselin3

I remember going home to my parents' house for a visit during my 20s and being surprised when my mom gave me a copy of the book 101 Questions to Ask B..

New Documentary 'Irreplaceable' Reclaims Conversation About the Family

4 days ago by Martha Krienke8

If I ever joined Netflix, it's possible I would become a documentary junkie overnight. I enjoy learning about an interesting topic in just a couple hours &..

Podcast Section

The Family Project: Episode 324

Apr 17, 2014

[1:06:30] - God’s redemptive plan for your family, plus Tim Sisarich tackles family brokenness, and a couple doubts they can reach their wedding day without having se....


I'm 19. How can I meet more godly guys my age?


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