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7 Easy Steps to Losing 75 Pounds

The solution to my weight problem was more simple and more complicated than I expected.

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Why You Need More Friends (And How to Get Them)

Today by Suzanne Hadley Gosselin

A few years ago, I was chatting with a friend who was going through a painful break-up. As we talked about the loss she was feeling, she said, “I just don’t wa..

How Jesus Handles Doubters Like Us

1 day ago by Joshua Rogers

One summer during high school, I spent a couple of weeks with a well-meaning adult who aggressively tried to undermine everything I believed about Jesus. The m..

At Least It’s Not Porn

5 days ago by Boundless Community

During college, when I decided to grow a mullet and go to Peru and design my own tattoo, my parents let me. I can imagine them in bed each night reminding each..

Man Math: Episode 430

6 days ago by Boundless Community

Listen to this week’s show! Question to Discuss: Where’s the best place to meet Christian singles in your community? Roundtable: Women in Power For..

A Year of Marriage

6 days ago by Ashley Boyer Hendley

My husband and I recently celebrated our first anniversary. I’ve already blogged about our engagement and my thoughts on those first few months of being wed, a..

Podcast Section

Man Math: Episode 430

Apr 28, 2016

[51:32] - A new definition of "girl power," plus economist Dr. Joe Price on where to find marriageable men, and how to handle discrimination in online dating.


How Do I Get My Boyfriend to Pursue Me?

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