Should You Get Engaged?

Should You Get Engaged?

Before you pop the question, you might want to ask yourself these five questions.

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3 Ways to Fight for a Better Relationship


Charting My Course

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Your Turn: Tricycles, Sidecars and the Importance of the Third Wheel

Today by Boundless Community2

by Claire Kinney My junior year of college, I found myself ninth wheeling it to our Christmas banquet. If you’ve worked that out mathematically, you hav..

Back to School

1 day ago by Amy Kessler1

I had an exciting thing happen this week. I finalized my enrollment in Liberty University's online master's program in strategic communications. It'..

Two Become One: Episode 339

2 days ago by Lisa Anderson3

Listen to this week's show! Question for discussion: What question or point of discussion mentioned by the Farrels do you feel is most important in a pre-m..

How to Know the Exact Moment You Were Saved

2 days ago by Joshua Rogers23

When I was in college, I lived with the perpetual fear that somehow I had missed the salvation boat, that although I had placed my trust in Jesus, in the end, ..

Giving Someone the Chance to Reject Me

3 days ago by Lindy Keffer12

Last week, my post introduced a college professor who gives students extra credit for dating. Because they literally don't know how to ask one another out ..

Podcast Section

Two Become One: Episode 339

Jul 31, 2014

[58:06] - Sharing the burden of school loans, plus Bill and Pam Farrel on what you absolutely must know before marriage, and a question about making engagement matter.


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