Elisabeth Adams

Elisabeth Adams has lived in five states, one Canadian province, and the captivating city of Jerusalem, where she studied historical geography and Hebrew. As a freelance writer and editor, she loves hearing and telling new tales of God's faithfulness. Most of all, she wants to keep a quiet heart

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Faith in Crisis

Jul 31, 2017|Elisabeth Adams

Spiraling down into suffering, I questioned God's goodness – and how I'd survive.

Taming My Time

Taming My Time

Mar 16, 2015|Elisabeth Adams

If "no" is never a genuine choice in my mind, I can never say a whole-hearted "yes."

When I Fear the Future

When I Fear the Future

Jan 05, 2015|Elisabeth Adams

What if my single life is more fruitful than I know?

Heart on Hold

Heart on Hold

Apr 21, 2014|Elisabeth Adams

Navigating a series of "almost" relationships can be wearisome. But this inconvenient process may also be the very means God is using to mature you.

Not Your Sister

Not Your Sister

Jan 13, 2014|Elisabeth Adams

What does it mean to be siblings in Christ?

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Lessons From a Lifelong Third Wheel

May 27, 2013|Elisabeth Adams

The pain of being left out as a single young adult is real, but there are practical things you can do to make it better.

How to Fight Well

How to Fight Well

Fighting in a godly way creates space for the next conflict to be successful.

What's a Guy to Do?

Jun 06, 2012|Elisabeth Adams

Learn five ways to help protect a woman's heart and make your intentions clear.

My Brother's Keeper

Apr 20, 2012|Elisabeth Adams

When it comes to molding me, the Lord has made the most of all seven of my siblings.


Miracle in Jerusalem

Dec 22, 2011|Elisabeth Adams

Pause. And calmly think of this.  

Don't Waste Your Disappointment

Oct 25, 2011|Elisabeth Adams

Trusting God with a hope denied

What's a Girl to Do?

Jun 01, 2011|Elisabeth Adams

How women can end the gender war

What's Right With Men

May 17, 2011|Elisabeth Adams

Seeing God's image in the men He made

Pass It On

Apr 13, 2011|Elisabeth Adams

Hospitality: giving the gift of yourself.

Cross Culture Marriage

Oct 20, 2010|Elisabeth Adams

Marriages between two cultures present challenges, but Christ and the Cross can transcend cultural differences.

Reprove Me

Jun 30, 2010|Elisabeth Adams

If you want to succeed, you've got to accept criticism.  

Praying for the Impossible

Praying for the Impossible

Jun 04, 2010|Elisabeth Adams

Praying for the impossible is not a test of my imagination; it's a test of my faith.  

Impossible on Purpose

May 14, 2010|Elisabeth Adams

The Lord calls you to join Him walking on the water. The next step is yours.  

[Don't] Mind the Gap, Part 2

Nov 04, 2009|Elisabeth Adams

When God is your matchmaker, there's no need to mind the gap.

[Don't] Mind the Gap, Part 1

Oct 29, 2009|Elisabeth Adams

When God is your matchmaker, there's no need to mind the gap.

A Time to Waste

Sep 25, 2009|Elisabeth Adams

If God could waste a perfectly good Messiah on us, why couldn't I waste something on Him?

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Heart at Leisure

Sep 09, 2009|Elisabeth Adams

If I could sum up what Sabbath means to me, it would take just three words: He says stop.

Certain Change

Jul 21, 2009|Elisabeth Adams

The uncertainty God had allowed into my life simply revealed the ignorance I live with every single day.

Tasting the Bible

Jul 02, 2009|Elisabeth Adams

You may find it delicious.

Outside Looking In

May 07, 2009|Elisabeth Adams

It's a fascinating place to explore. So why does it seem that I spend so little time abiding there?

Love to Tell

Apr 10, 2009|Elisabeth Adams

God has endless ways of winning our hearts, and I'm fascinated by them all.

One Single Day

Mar 03, 2009|Elisabeth Adams

As time goes on, it grows more clear to me that while my waiting years are a loss, they are not a waste.

Fearless Fellowship

Feb 04, 2009|Elisabeth Adams

When I see His work in His people, I see God.

The Emmaus Road Adventure

Jan 08, 2009|Elisabeth Adams

If you're a detective-story fan, you may also have noticed that sometimes the smallest of facts becomes the most important of clues.

His Love Stories

Dec 18, 2008|Elisabeth Adams

My favorite love stories are true ones.

Into the Wilderness

Nov 07, 2008|Elisabeth Adams

Remember, thankfully.

Sincerely, Pollyanna

Jun 13, 2008|Elisabeth Adams

What does an optimist know about suffering? Not much.  

Excavating Resurrection

Excavating Resurrection

Mar 18, 2008|Elisabeth Adams

The good news is that Jesus really came back to life, and not merely in a figurative or "spiritual" way.