Elisabeth Adams

Elisabeth Adams has lived in five states, one Canadian province, and the captivating city of Jerusalem, where she studied historical geography and Hebrew. As a freelance writer and editor, she loves hearing and telling new tales of God's faithfulness. Most of all, she wants to keep a quiet heart

Not Your Sister

Not Your Sister

Jan 13, 2014|Elisabeth Adams

What does it mean to be siblings in Christ?

Odd Man Out

Odd Man Out

May 27, 2013|Elisabeth Adams

The pain of being left out as a single young adult is real, but there are practical things you can do to make it better.

How to Fight Well

How to Fight Well

Fighting in a godly way creates space for the next conflict to be successful.

What's a Guy to Do?

Jun 06, 2012|Elisabeth Adams

Learn five ways to help protect a woman's heart and make your intentions clear.

My Brother's Keeper

Apr 20, 2012|Elisabeth Adams

When it comes to molding me, the Lord has made the most of all seven of my siblings.

Miracle in Jerusalem

Dec 22, 2011|Elisabeth Adams

Pause. And calmly think of this.  

Don't Waste Your Disappointment

Oct 25, 2011|Elisabeth Adams

Trusting God with a hope denied

What's a Girl to Do?

Jun 01, 2011|Elisabeth Adams

How women can end the gender war

What's Right With Men

May 17, 2011|Elisabeth Adams

Seeing God's image in the men He made

Pass It On

Apr 13, 2011|Elisabeth Adams

Hospitality: giving the gift of yourself.

Cross Culture Marriage

Oct 20, 2010|Elisabeth Adams

Marriages between two cultures present challenges, but Christ and the Cross can transcend cultural differences.

Reprove Me

Jun 30, 2010|Elisabeth Adams

If you want to succeed, you've got to accept criticism.  

Praying for the Impossible

Praying for the Impossible

Jun 04, 2010|Elisabeth Adams

Praying for the impossible is not a test of my imagination; it's a test of my faith.  

Impossible on Purpose

May 14, 2010|Elisabeth Adams

The Lord calls you to join Him walking on the water. The next step is yours.  

[Don't] Mind the Gap, Part 2

Nov 04, 2009|Elisabeth Adams

When God is your matchmaker, there's no need to mind the gap.

[Don't] Mind the Gap, Part 1

Oct 29, 2009|Elisabeth Adams

When God is your matchmaker, there's no need to mind the gap.

A Time to Waste

Sep 25, 2009|Elisabeth Adams

If God could waste a perfectly good Messiah on us, why couldn't I waste something on Him?

Heart at Leisure

Sep 09, 2009|Elisabeth Adams

If I could sum up what Sabbath means to me, it would take just three words: He says stop.

Certain Change

Jul 21, 2009|Elisabeth Adams

The uncertainty God had allowed into my life simply revealed the ignorance I live with every single day.

Tasting the Bible

Jul 02, 2009|Elisabeth Adams

You may find it delicious.

Outside Looking In

May 07, 2009|Elisabeth Adams

It's a fascinating place to explore. So why does it seem that I spend so little time abiding there?

Love to Tell

Apr 10, 2009|Elisabeth Adams

God has endless ways of winning our hearts, and I'm fascinated by them all.

One Single Day

Mar 03, 2009|Elisabeth Adams

As time goes on, it grows more clear to me that while my waiting years are a loss, they are not a waste.

Fearless Fellowship

Feb 04, 2009|Elisabeth Adams

When I see His work in His people, I see God.

The Emmaus Road Adventure

Jan 08, 2009|Elisabeth Adams

If you're a detective-story fan, you may also have noticed that sometimes the smallest of facts becomes the most important of clues.

His Love Stories

Dec 18, 2008|Elisabeth Adams

My favorite love stories are true ones.

Into the Wilderness

Nov 07, 2008|Elisabeth Adams

Remember, thankfully.

Sincerely, Pollyanna

Jun 13, 2008|Elisabeth Adams

What does an optimist know about suffering? Not much.  

Excavating Resurrection

Excavating Resurrection

Mar 18, 2008|Elisabeth Adams

The good news is that Jesus really came back to life, and not merely in a figurative or "spiritual" way.