Marshall Allen

Marshall Allen

Marshall Allen is a journalist in Pasadena, Calif. He and his wife, Sonja, have two boys.

Learning to Lead

Learning to Lead

Apr 21, 2005|Marshall Allen

It's about a lot more than getting out in front of a group of people and shouting "follow me!"

How to Know What You're Good At

How to Know What You're Good At

Jan 13, 2005|Marshall Allen

Your strengths, and not your weaknesses, are where you should focus your energy.

Playing the Blame Game

Oct 28, 2004|Marshall Allen

Sometimes it's easier to point the finger than take responsibility. It sure feels better; at least for a little while.

Keeping Your Faith

Sep 30, 2004|Marshall Allen

You can survive college with your faith in tact. Here's a book that can guide you from freshman orientation all the way to graduation.

Tales From a Former Vagabond

Mar 11, 2004|Marshall Allen

Marshall learns what good parking and free lattes have to do with the perfect church.

Faith ... in What?

Aug 21, 2003|Marshall Allen

Everyone’s got some kind of faith. They just don’t always admit it.

Speaking for Your Faith in the Classroom

Speaking for Your Faith in the Classroom

Feb 27, 2003|Marshall Allen

How do you convey your faith to people who don’t share it? Depends on the circumstances.

Fighting Porn

Dec 12, 2002|Marshall Allen

It’s gone “mainstream,” but that doesn’t mean you have to act like it’s OK. Marshall shows a Christian way to take a stand.

Forgotten Fathers

Jul 25, 2002|Marshall Allen

Many men don't want their children to be aborted. What do they do when they can't stop it?

Confession of a Cynic

Aug 16, 2001|Marshall Allen

Cynicism is easy, fun and hey, I was born this way. So why was I starting to feel so rotten?

Artistry vs. Responsibility

Mar 22, 2001|Marshall Allen

It’s tempting to go for the glamour when choosing a major. But as this quirky film reminds us, choosing a path that pays the bills is a noble task.

Trouble With Valentine’s Day

Trouble With Valentine’s Day

Feb 08, 2001|Marshall Allen

Why do gals take Valentine's Day so seriously? It can make a guy sick. Literally.