Stephen Altrogge

Stephen Altrogge is on staff at Sovereign Grace Church of Indiana, Pa., where he leads worship and oversees campus ministry. He's the author of the book Game Day for the Glory of God. He loves hanging out with his wife, drinking industrial strength coffee, and acting like a fool in an effort to make his little girl laugh.

Game Day for the Glory of God

Game Day for the Glory of God

Sep 09, 2008|Stephen Altrogge

All of creation has been kissed by the glory of God and gives us a small glimpse into His character. Yes, even sports.

The Freak Out Club

Aug 15, 2008|Stephen Altrogge

If it doesn't really matter what they think of you, the possibilities are endless.  

The Greener Grass Conspiracy

The Greener Grass Conspiracy

Jun 06, 2008|Stephen Altrogge

Looking forward to the next thing? That's not where you'll find joy.

Relationship Roulette

Mar 05, 2008|Stephen Altrogge

Anxious that you may be shooting yourself in the foot by marrying your girlfriend or boyfriend? Perhaps all you need is a little faith.