David Barshinger

David Barshinger

David Barshinger has a Ph.D. in Church History/Theological Studies from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School (TEDS), where he wrote on Jonathan Edwards’ engagement with the book of Psalms. He has served with the Jonathan Edwards Center at TEDS and Christ on Campus Initiative, and he is currently teaching as an adjunct professor. David lives in Illinois with his wife, Allison, and their four children.

It's My Fault

Apr 05, 2012|David Barshinger

When we call sin what it really is, we can embrace truth, and life can spring again.

Young Passion

Mar 30, 2012|David Barshinger

The early evangelical movement in America and around the world was significantly impacted by a 20-something David Brainerd.

What, No Paycheck?

Oct 21, 2011|David Barshinger

You can serve God even when you don't work for Him.  

What Are You Looking At?

Jul 22, 2011|David Barshinger

With all the distractions knocking at our door, we need to discipline ourselves to center our perspective on the Triune God.  

Surprised by Grace

Jul 08, 2011|David Barshinger

A free computer hints at a too-often-overlooked grace greater than we can imagine.  

Friends and Proverbs

Jul 01, 2011|David Barshinger

Companions don’t always make good friends. David noticed the difference in Proverbs — and in his life.

My Evangelistic Checklist

Apr 01, 2011|David Barshinger

Evangelism isn't about filling a quota. It's about taking a risk and loving those who need the grace of God as much as you do.  



Nov 24, 2010|David Barshinger

I must always be unsatisfied with my progress in holiness, but satisfied with God's sufficient grace.  

The Search for Security

Jul 23, 2010|David Barshinger

Good insurance and financial planning offer a degree of security. But true security is found elsewhere.  

Taking Love Next Door

May 05, 2010|David Barshinger

Communicating your faith is not a science. The very nature of telling the message of Jesus Christ to people requires sensitivity, discernment, and variation in style.  

Who's On First?

Mar 25, 2010|David Barshinger

My approach to God ultimately shapes my approach to other people and to this temporal world.  

Unanswered Prayers

Unanswered Prayers

Jan 13, 2010|David Barshinger

If you want God to answer your prayers, you need to pray the right way?  

The Wisdom Grid

Sep 08, 2009|David Barshinger

To move there? How to pay for it? What about insurance? Should I date her? What's my ministry? Ah, we need a little help here.

Just Stuff

Aug 19, 2009|David Barshinger

If we orient our hearts toward Christ, we will easily release our grasp on material attachments so that others might experience God's incomparable love.

Staying Alive

Jul 29, 2009|David Barshinger

Health in this world is not "truly life." It is merely postponed death.

Talking Singleness

Jul 14, 2009|David Barshinger

A candid talk about singleness from a couple who spent most of their lives as singles.

Worn Down

Jun 17, 2009|David Barshinger

God calls us to be diligent, not divine.

Grace In Guilt

Mar 27, 2009|David Barshinger

Guilt is a gift, a form of God's grace to expose me to my true self and force me to take seriously my sin.

Airport Eavesdropping

Jan 27, 2009|David Barshinger

I was standing in the Chicago O'Hare Airport early one morning waiting to pick up a friend when I overheard two men chatting about Christians ...  

Seeing God

Aug 20, 2008|David Barshinger

How can we possibly be holy enough to see the living God?

Absent God

Absent God

Jan 17, 2008|David Barshinger

When injustice is most acute, too often it seems He's nowhere to be found.

How Big Is Your Latte?

Nov 22, 2007|David Barshinger

Thank God by curtailing your craving for too much.

Shattering Christian Stereotypes

Mar 08, 2007|David Barshinger

How do we Christians respond to charges of being heartless, anti-science, even enemies of progress?

Does God's Nature Affect Our Fights?

Oct 05, 2006|David Barshinger

The church today is filled with diversity, which often breeds conflict. The Trinity may provide us the key to resolution.