Head shot of Lindsey Boulias

Lindsey Boulais

Lindsey Boulais is passionate about Christ, His heart for the marginalized and how the church can get involved. Living and working in a low-income community in Portland, Oregon, you can find her losing in UNO to the neighborhood kids, drinking too much tea with Afghan refugees or stealing away to read. Follow her at lindseywithlove.wordpress.com or on Twitter and Instagram at lindsey_boulais.

young man holding bible sitting on concrete church floor with eyes closed

Giving Church a Second Chance

Oct 30, 2017|Lindsey Boulais

What to do when you're not fitting in or finding your place at church.

two women on a couch crying

Grieving Well

Jul 03, 2017|Lindsey Boulais

How and when to process loss looks different for everyone. Here are a few ideas for walking through your own and others' grief.

facade of building with scaffolding

Shedding the Façade of Shame

Apr 17, 2017|Lindsey Boulais

Vulnerability may be scary, but it's a necessary step in pushing past fear to authentic connection.

empty sanctuary with stained glass

What Jesus Meant When He Called Us Family

Jan 30, 2017|Lindsey Boulais

What the early church can teach us about living together, and loving, as Jesus intended.

A girl coloring with a box of crayons

Education Inequality: If God loves all the children, shouldn’t we?

Oct 17, 2016|Lindsey Boulais

Bridging the gap in education while being the hands and feet of Jesus