Alan Briggs

Alan Briggs is the director of Frontline Church Planting, Multiplying Pastor at Vanguard Church and Lead Creative at Stay Forth Designs where he equips leaders and teams for health and kingdom impact. He’s a proud dad of four and a missionary to his neighborhood and city. His books "Staying Is the New Going," "Guardrails" and "Everyone’s a Genius" help leaders catch a bigger vision for their life. 

smiling group of young professionals

The Millennial's Blueprint for Navigating the Workplace

Apr 16, 2018|Alan Briggs

As a millennial, finding your footing on the job is no easy task. Here are four practical ways to earn respect and influence at work.

young man walking and looking down at his smartphone

Your Phone May Be Killing Your Creativity

Dec 04, 2017|Alan Briggs

Making a game plan for your smartphone allows you to focus your best energy on what matters most.

Tree with roots

The Mission Field Next Door

Mar 14, 2016|Alan Briggs

Jesus said, "Go into all the world..." But what if putting down roots is more important than we think?