J.R. Briggs

J.R. Briggs

J.R. Briggs is the founder of Kairos Partnerships, an organization committed to investing in kingdom leaders by growing fruit on other people's trees and creating good kingdom mischief. A pastor for 15 years, he now serves churches, ministries and organizations through leadership coaching, consulting, speaking and writing. He has written and co-written eight books, including "Fail" and "Ministry Mantras." He and his wife, Megan, have two sons, Carter and Bennett, and live in the greater Philadelphia area.

man with backpack and ballcap staring up at the sky

9 Ridiculously Practical Ways to Cultivate a Life of Wisdom

Feb 19, 2018|J.R. Briggs

The pursuit of wisdom is a valuable, worthy endeavor, and ridiculously practical steps taken regularly can develop wisdom in your life.

businessman cowering under large shoe in business suit

The Surprising Benefits of Having a Terrible Boss

Jan 08, 2018|J.R. Briggs

Working for a bad boss can lead to discouragement and frustration on the job. But what if a terrible boss is actually an unexpected gift?