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Laura Captari

Laura Captari is a psychologist in training and doctoral student at the University of North Texas. Her research explores the interplay of relationships, faith, and culture. Specifically, she investigates pathways to resilience and post-traumatic growth following trauma and loss. Laura previously served on staff with the American Association of Christian Counselors, and is the co-author of Dangerous Christian, Face to Face, Be Rebellious, and Orphan Justice. Laura is passionate about advocating for and serving at-risk populations, including foster/adoptive children, sex trafficking victims, and refugees. Laura is an avid traveler, sporadic runner, and shameless coffee fanatic.

busy street with people runnng

Breaking Up With Busyness

Mar 13, 2017|Laura Captari

In a society that glorifies accomplishment, it's easy to confuse a packed schedule with a fruitful life.


Living Well With Unsatisfied Longings

Dec 05, 2016|Laura Captari

We don't have to live at the whim of our longings, nor must we disown them.

A man sitting alone on a bench in front of a river

My Marriage Fell Apart, but God Is Still Good

Oct 24, 2016|Laura Captari

God doesn't promise us a certain outcome; He promises us himself.