Juli Cooper

Juli Cooper

Juli Cooper is an English teacher and freelance writer living in East Asia. Being a Massachusetts native, she loves all things New England including Dunkin Donuts coffee, Patriots football, and apple cider donuts. She’s passionate about watching the gospel move across cultural barriers while traveling to new places and meeting new people. Juli is currently pursuing her Master’s degree in Intercultural Studies from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School and previously earned a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work from Cedarville University. Follow her on Twitter @JuliECooper8, Facebook @CooperJuli, or Instagram @JuliECooper8.

snobbish businessman with crown on head

The Sin of Self-Salvation

Nov 27, 2017|Juli Cooper

When it feels like you're doing everything right, be careful. Self-righteousness may be crouching at your door.

brick wall

When a Fork in the Road Feels Like a Dead End

Aug 07, 2017|Juli Cooper

How to move forward when your life isn't what you thought it would be.

Young man with backpack overlooking mountain valley

Backpacking Around the World Won't Fix You

May 01, 2017|Juli Cooper

Feeling dissatisfied with your place in life? Consider these five truths to refocus and find greater fulfillment.

woman holding african orphan

The Biblical Woman: Sidelined Dispensable or Necessary Sustainer?

Feb 13, 2017|Juli Cooper

Society can send a message that women are "less than," but God's created order says something entirely different.

Two men silhouetted against the sky

Beware the Single Story

Nov 07, 2016|Juli Cooper

Generalizations make one narrative the only narrative, and it's time to root them out.