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Chris Crane

Chris Crane is currently a Master of Theology student at Dallas Theological Seminary, double majoring in Systematic and Historical Theology, where he also serves as a graduate research assistant. His growing research interests include gender/sexuality, hermeneutics, and theology and culture. He has served in various ministry capacities, both church and parachurch-related. He is a freelance writer and also writes at his personal blog at . When he is not studying or writing, he can be found hanging out with friends, watching movies, or enjoying good food (and sometimes all at once).

Lonely man sitting on a bench

When God Disappoints You

Feb 06, 2017|Chris Crane

A failed relationship felt like a slap in the face from God, but I had a lot to learn.

A mannequin in a warehouse

Body Shame and the Imago Dei

Oct 31, 2016|Chris Crane

Every human being, every body, is deserving of respect and dignity.