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Chris Crane

Chris Crane is currently a Master of Theology student at Dallas Theological Seminary, double majoring in Systematic and Historical Theology, where he also serves as a graduate research assistant. His growing research interests include gender/sexuality, hermeneutics, and theology and culture. He has served in various ministry capacities, both church and parachurch-related. He is a freelance writer and also writes at his personal blog at . When he is not studying or writing, he can be found hanging out with friends, watching movies, or enjoying good food (and sometimes all at once).

man reading on city street at book kiosk

How Reading Changes Us

Jul 24, 2017|Chris Crane

Four genres of books that can awaken our imaginations, make us more empathetic, and help us understand the world around us.

Smoldering campfire

How to Reverse Burnout

May 08, 2017|Chris Crane

Many young Christians have too much on their plates. But weariness doesn't have to be a way of life.

Lonely man sitting on a bench

When God Disappoints You

Feb 06, 2017|Chris Crane

A failed relationship felt like a slap in the face from God, but I had a lot to learn.

A mannequin in a warehouse

Body Shame and the Imago Dei

Oct 31, 2016|Chris Crane

Every human being, every body, is deserving of respect and dignity.