Jonathan Dodson

Jonathan Dodson, M.Div, Th.M. is the planting pastor of Austin City Life in Austin, Texas, where he is married to Robie and father of Owen and Ellie.

Failed Disciple

Failed Disciple

Mar 01, 2013|Jonathan Dodson

Making disciples requires not only sharing my faith, but also sharing my life. With all its failures and successes, all its disobedience and obedience.

Imagine Your Children

Jun 17, 2011|Jonathan Dodson

Fear could jump-start your parental preparation. And parental frustrations could lead to personal reformation.

How to Renew a City

Feb 16, 2011|Jonathan Dodson

How do we believers dwell in the city?

Gospel Identity: We All Have Identity Issues

Gospel Identity: We All Have Identity Issues

May 04, 2010|Jonathan Dodson

We need more than confession. We need redemption.  


Dec 29, 2009|Jonathan Dodson

Redemptive cultural engagement? It happens through either redirecting or redefining cultural patterns affected by the Fall.

Stop Going to Church

Nov 03, 2009|Jonathan Dodson

We spend just enough time "at church" to be religious, but nowhere near enough time to be family.

The Three Conversions

Sep 30, 2009|Jonathan Dodson

It's through relationship that we come to know the true power of the Gospel.

Anger: The Image of Satan

Feb 18, 2009|Jonathan Dodson

You don't have to be an "angry person" to have a problem with anger.

Fight Club

Aug 22, 2008|Jonathan Dodson

Satan is set against us. He wants to devour us by provoking our flesh, by tempting us to sin. But we can fight back.

v. Culture

Apr 16, 2008|Jonathan Dodson

It's much easier to take a side in the culture wars than to critically or redemptively engage the issues we fight over. How, then, do we engage culture Christianly?  

Missional Discipleship: Reinterpreting the Great Commission

Feb 12, 2008|Jonathan Dodson

We're called not to mere soul-winning, but to distinctive discipleship.

How Should We Then Work?

Dec 06, 2007|Jonathan Dodson

How can we integrate our faith with what we do with most of our waking hours: work?

First Year Off

Jan 11, 2007|Jonathan Dodson

An obscure verse in Deuteronomy offers a principle that, if applied, helps establish beneficial and spouse-honoring patterns for marriage.

Mere Accountability

Sep 21, 2006|Jonathan Dodson

Need serious help overcoming sin? Nothing works as well as brotherly, God-honoring accountability.