Drew Dyck

Drew Dyck is the editor of Building Church Leaders , a Christianity Today publication. He lives with his wife, Grace, in Carol Stream, Ill. , a publication. He lives with his wife, Grace, in Carol Stream, Ill.

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How to Defend Your Faith Without Being a Jerk

Jun 19, 2017|Drew Dyck

Sometimes it's not what you say, but how you say it.

graduation cap and diploma sitting on books

How Many Degrees Does it Take to Be Educated?

Sep 02, 2011|Drew Dyck

It's an age-old question that won't be silenced.

Saving It for Marriage

Saving It For Marriage

Jul 08, 2010|Drew Dyck

"Saving yourself" for marriage is one way to bless your soon-to-be spouse. But there's value in saving other things as well.  

The Right Kind of Mystery

Nov 11, 2008|Drew Dyck

The emergent church gets some of it right. But some of it very, very wrong.

Pursue Her

Pursue Her

May 16, 2008|Drew Dyck

Guys, it's time to man-up and take the lead in the romance department. God created you to be a pursuer.

Dreaming the Right Dreams

Apr 12, 2007|Drew Dyck

Some are good. Others can set you up for failure.

Churchcasting Kills Community

Nov 16, 2006|Drew Dyck

It's convenient, but is doing church online really a valid replacement for the real thing?

Popping the Question to Her Father

Popping the Question to Her Father

Aug 24, 2006|Drew Dyck

Some people believe the whole idea of seeking parental approval before getting engaged is archaic. Not this guy.  

Killing off Christianity

May 25, 2006|Drew Dyck

Reports of the death of Christianity have been greatly exaggerated.

The Porn Effect

Feb 16, 2006|Drew Dyck

Can those scholars be right who say that viewing porn can actually improve relationships? Ryan and Rich, and their families, would say "no."

A Role I Want to Fill

Aug 25, 2005|Grace Dyck, Drew Dyck

Gender roles are attacked — and defended — regularly on college campuses. For Dyck, settling the issue and moving on is part of growing up.

Leaving Limbo

Jun 16, 2005|Drew Dyck

They say 30 is the new 20. So what do we have to show for all that extra time spent growing up?

Shopping for Selflessness

Mar 10, 2005|Drew Dyck

One man's dread of all things retail said a lot more about his character than he liked to admit.

God Forgives, VISA Doesn’t

Jan 27, 2005|Drew Dyck

It's no fun learning about credit the hard way. Better to read someone else's story and do what they didn't. This is that story.