Drew Dyck

Drew Dyck is the editor of Building Church Leaders , a Christianity Today publication. He lives with his wife, Grace, in Carol Stream, Ill. , a publication. He lives with his wife, Grace, in Carol Stream, Ill.

graduation cap and diploma sitting on books

How Many Degrees Does it Take to Be Educated?

Sep 02, 2011|Drew Dyck

It's an age-old question that won't be silenced.

Saving It for Marriage

Saving It For Marriage

Jul 08, 2010|Drew Dyck

"Saving yourself" for marriage is one way to bless your soon-to-be spouse. But there's value in saving other things as well.  

The Right Kind of Mystery

Nov 11, 2008|Drew Dyck

The emergent church gets some of it right. But some of it very, very wrong.

Pursue Her

Pursue Her

May 16, 2008|Drew Dyck

Guys, it's time to man-up and take the lead in the romance department. God created you to be a pursuer.

Dreaming the Right Dreams

Apr 12, 2007|Drew Dyck

Some are good. Others can set you up for failure.

Churchcasting Kills Community

Nov 16, 2006|Drew Dyck

It's convenient, but is doing church online really a valid replacement for the real thing?

Popping the Question to Her Father

Popping the Question to Her Father

Aug 24, 2006|Drew Dyck

Some people believe the whole idea of seeking parental approval before getting engaged is archaic. Not this guy.  

Killing off Christianity

May 25, 2006|Drew Dyck

Reports of the death of Christianity have been greatly exaggerated.

The Porn Effect

Feb 16, 2006|Drew Dyck

Can those scholars be right who say that viewing porn can actually improve relationships? Ryan and Rich, and their families, would say "no."

A Role I Want to Fill

Aug 25, 2005|Grace Dyck, Drew Dyck

Gender roles are attacked — and defended — regularly on college campuses. For Dyck, settling the issue and moving on is part of growing up.

Leaving Limbo

Jun 16, 2005|Drew Dyck

They say 30 is the new 20. So what do we have to show for all that extra time spent growing up?

Shopping for Selflessness

Mar 10, 2005|Drew Dyck

One man's dread of all things retail said a lot more about his character than he liked to admit.

God Forgives, VISA Doesn’t

Jan 27, 2005|Drew Dyck

It's no fun learning about credit the hard way. Better to read someone else's story and do what they didn't. This is that story.