Kimberly Eddy

Kimberly Eddy lives in Michigan with her husband and five children. She has written and published several books, including Quiet Times in Loud Households, Thriving on One Income, Growing Your Groceries, the Bread by Hand eBook, and Advent.

One Choice at a Time

Dec 29, 2010|Kimberly Eddy

Every choice makes the next one easier or harder, depending on what we've chosen to do.  

The Accidental Housewife

Sep 22, 2010|Kimberly Eddy

No one told me the dirty little secret about becoming a mother ... that I would never feel the same about work.  

The Hardest Mission Field

The Hardest Mission Field

Jun 22, 2010|Kimberly Eddy

Witnessing to total strangers on the street is one thing. But sharing the Gospel with family brings things to an entirely new level.  

Step Away From the Pot Pie

Jun 02, 2010|Kimberly Eddy

As a single adult, you have some great opportunities to experiment in the kitchen and enjoy practicing hospitality.

Asking Why

May 18, 2010|Kimberly Eddy

How can I trust a God who lets terrible things happen to people who love Him?  

One Step at a Time

Jan 28, 2010|Kimberly Eddy

"How did you know what God wanted you to do with your life?" my friend's daughter asked me one day.  

A Ph.D. in Life

A Ph.D. in Life

Oct 21, 2009|Kimberly Eddy

My formal education may have come to a close, but I soon discovered my real, practical, hands-on education was just beginning.

The Long Journey From Obesity

The Long Journey From Obesity

Jun 18, 2009|Kimberly Eddy

Having judged others based on their weight, I was now on the receiving end of the same wrong assumptions.

I, Legalist

Mar 19, 2009|Kimberly Eddy

I couldn't get those words out of my mind: "He actually thinks God loves him!"

Looking For My Birth Mother

Jan 15, 2009|Kimberly Eddy

Kimberly's search silenced the questions that had swirled in her mind for most of her life.