Mike Ensley

Mike Ensley writes from his home in Orlando.

When Pigs Fly

Dec 16, 2011|Mike Ensley

Fearing the male sex drive has damaged a lot of lives.

Layoffs, Lies and Lessons Learned

Layoffs, Lies and Lessons Learned

Apr 27, 2010|Mike Ensley

You don't just lose a job when you lose a job. No matter what the truth is, it can still feel like you're worthless. And that matters enough.  

Blessed Are Those, Part 2

Nov 20, 2009|Mike Ensley

Once we are real, we are called to really relate. And that's what it means to be righteous.

Blessed Are Those, Part 1

Nov 11, 2009|Mike Ensley

If the Beatitudes list the qualities Jesus finds most important, then I ought to ponder and pray about them.

The Marks of Manhood


Oct 09, 2009|Mike Ensley

I know I'm a Christian, but am I Christian enough?

So Long to the Volcano

Oct 01, 2009|Mike Ensley

The Son of God did not become man, die, and rise again so that we could walk a tightrope over hell.

When The Darkness Closes In

Jul 24, 2009|Mike Ensley

In that moment I wasn't missing God; I was missing the other pieces.

When They're Gay

Feb 24, 2009|Mike Ensley

Yes, you can relate to their struggles.

Touch the Sexual Sinner

Feb 13, 2009|Mike Ensley

Our ability to redeem the sexual generation will lie in our willingness to live and love with the same kind of daring Jesus did.

God Told Me

Jan 14, 2009|Mike Ensley

I've always felt funny whenever I hear somebody begin a sentence with those words. It sounds so resolute, so certain.

Freedom-Giving Boundaries

Nov 28, 2008|Mike Ensley

Sometimes it takes a dog to show us that the fruit of discipline is liberty.

Bearing the Image

Jun 25, 2008|Mike Ensley

We're all enthralled by nudity but none of us actually wants to be naked.

hand reaching out in the dark

Still Struggling With Same-Sex Attraction

Feb 15, 2008|Mike Ensley

Leaving the gay lifestyle is not easy. But Christians who have struggled with same-sex attraction are not without hope.