George Halitzka

George Halitzka is a writer, storyteller and theatre artist. He’s penned everything from short stories to journalistic features, and from sermons to one-act plays. George’s work has appeared in regional and national publications including Louisville Magazine, Ministry Today, Living with Teenagers, LEO Weekly, and Christianity and Theatre. He was a regular contributor to Boundless from 2007 until 2011. His plays have been published by Playscripts, Inc., Lillenas Drama, Meriwether Publishing, and Drama Ministry. George lives in Louisville, Ky., where he loves talking with God, cuddling with his wife, performing onstage, and eating too much cold cereal.


wooden manger with tattered cloth on black background

Bullets and Black Eyes at the Manger

Dec 25, 2017|George Halitzka

The inner city feels like a war zone, even at Christmas. How could I or my students hope to find peace?

The Monster Within

Apr 04, 2012|George Halitzka

Think you don’t understand why people commit heinous sins? Think again.

The Star Chamber

Jul 06, 2011|George Halitzka

A short fiction story about grace and forgiveness  

Awesome Miracle

Jan 05, 2011|George Halitzka

Coming to grips with being "fearfully and wonderfully made."  

Kamikaze at my Back

Aug 11, 2010|George Halitzka

Oppressive gray meets divine torrent.  

When the Miracle Doesn't Happen

Jun 18, 2010|George Halitzka

When the miracle doesn't come in time, there's something profoundly comforting about knowing we serve a God who weeps.  

Miracles Happen

Jun 08, 2010|George Halitzka

God created natural laws for a reason and doesn't violate them lightly. But, sometimes, He does violate them.  

man sitting beyond cave wall

The Resurrection According to Tom

Apr 02, 2010|George Halitzka

Jesus' death was horrible enough. Now the body was missing.

Doubt, Part 2

Mar 10, 2010|George Halitzka

Walking through the cemetery, a thought hit me that I don't think I'd ever really contemplated before: "One day, I'll be here, too."  

Doubt, Part 1

Mar 09, 2010|George Halitzka

I was only months away from graduating from Bible college, but I had a dirty little secret: I wasn't sure God existed anymore.  

God Told Me, Part 2

Jan 22, 2010|George Halitzka

Andrew had expected to burst into tears as he poured out his story to Pablo in the Fairview Correctional visiting room. Instead, he found himself shouting.

God Told Me, Part 1

Jan 21, 2010|George Halitzka

Every time he prayed, the assurances seemed to get stronger that she was "the one."

Everett Bradley, Part 2

Sep 24, 2009|George Halitzka

Another predictably uneventful day at the nursing home. Until Everett receives an unexpected visitor.

Everett Bradley, Part 1

Sep 23, 2009|George Halitzka

Nobody expects to get old. Or useless.

Love Story

Sep 18, 2009|George Halitzka

Someday, death will die. Then Love Himself will reign supreme.

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Bible Study

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Bible Study

Jul 01, 2009|George Halitzka

It began as a regular Wednesday night Bible study. Then someone new knocked on the door.

The Slob Reforms

May 06, 2009|George Halitzka

We may have something to learn about management of time and paperwork from a guy who's gone from pigsty dorm room to clean and efficient home office.

Imprisoned Joy, Part 2

Apr 02, 2009|George Halitzka

Joy is a lot harder than happy. But it's also a lot more worth having.

Imprisoned Joy, Part 1

Apr 01, 2009|George Halitzka

If you're like me and feel sometimes that good things have passed you by, class is now in session.

From My Love

Nov 26, 2008|George Halitzka

Maybe you're done with people. Maybe you've decided real relationships are a nice accessory to life, but ultimately not worth the pain.

Behind the Mask

Nov 20, 2008|George Halitzka

If you want to know and be known, try practicing forgiveness, integrity, humility and community.

Upside Down

Sep 25, 2008|George Halitzka

Christ's call is to think differently, to live unexpectedly.  

Hear the Weeping

Aug 08, 2008|George Halitzka

Among those who hurt others, and who themselves hurt, there are few easy answers. That, of course, is no reason to remain aloof from their pain.

Above the Flood

Jul 01, 2008|George Halitzka

You could say that civilization works because it's never me.

So You Wanna Be a Freelancer

Jun 12, 2008|George Halitzka

George was tired of working for The Man. Thanks to the Lord and his fiancée, he no longer is.

Virtual Reality

May 30, 2008|George Halitzka

I fit right in on the morning bus. But under the shabby veneer, nobody knew I was tortured by an impossible dream.

Basketball Jesus

May 14, 2008|George Halitzka

We catch a fellow Christian doing something we don't think is right. What might our response be?

Christmas in February

Feb 29, 2008|George Halitzka

Consider the ant....

Helicopter Seeds

Dec 13, 2007|George Halitzka

And how they speak to us of the wonder -- or is it the meaninglessness? -- of life.

Feed Me!

Nov 01, 2007|George Halitzka

Is your approach to church like that of a giant flesh-eating extraterrestrial plant?