Christina Holder

Christina Holder is a freelance writer whose stories have appeared in USA TODAY and The Washington Times. She is a former reporter for the Naples (Fla.) Daily News and a former reporter/researcher for syndicated columnist Robert D. Novak in Washington, D.C.

A Place Between Places

May 28, 2010|Christina Holder

On the days when I feel unsettled and isolated and like I don't fit, I reflect on the truth and hope of heaven.  

A Savior Who Wants Us to Seek

Apr 20, 2010|Christina Holder

It's possible my emotional low was a mix of post-traumatic stress and reverse culture shock, if we're going to put a name on it.  

The Friends Who Have Gone Before

Apr 13, 2010|Christina Holder

I've tried to pay closer attention to how God may be using circumstances and people in my life to get me through tough times.  

It's OK to be Sad

Apr 06, 2010|Christina Holder

I didn't know what I "had." All I knew was that I was in one big emotional funk.  

Beauty's Healing Touch

Mar 30, 2010|Christina Holder

The winding journey proved to be a sweet remedy for all of the pain stacked like cemented bricks inside my heart.  

Did Jesus Ever Get into an Emotional Funk?

Mar 23, 2010|Christina Holder

The week following my 30th birthday, I hit an all-time low.  

Requiem to My Twenties

Dec 03, 2009|Christina Holder

The years are not lost. They've only been let go.

Beware: Black Diamond

Nov 18, 2009|Christina Holder

The mountain was filled with moguls. But He would not leave me to brave it alone.

The Little Black Box

Aug 12, 2009|Christina Holder

It had become a box of bitterness.