Jessica Inman

Jessica Inman writes and edits in Tulsa, Okla., where she lives with two very emotional Pomeranians. A graduate of Oral Roberts University, she earned her degree in New Testament Literature. Jessica loves music, food, Calvin & Hobbes, and caffeinated beverages. Her MP3 player regularly receives visits from John Mayer, Nickel Creek, Mr. Bob Dylan and Fiona Apple.


Heaven on Earth

Apr 14, 2009|Jessica Inman

Our desire for justice and restoration is natural, and their fulfillment is on its way.

Truth in a Broken World, Part Two: Back to the Potter’s Wheel

Nov 27, 2003|Jessica Inman

A little clarification on “Human Clay”: Jessica’s response to Holly Dawn.

Human Clay: Thoughts on Spiritual Poverty

Sep 25, 2003|Jessica Inman

Do we talk about brokenness and grace so much that we implicitly condone sin?