Matt Kaufman

Matt Kaufman

Matt Kaufman has been a columnist for Boundless since the site's founding in 1998, and did a stint as editor in 2002-2003. He's also a former staffer and current contributing editor for Focus on the Family Citizen magazine. Matt is a freelance writer/editor who spent some years in Colorado, but gave up the mountains for the cornfields: He now lives in his hometown of Urbana, home of the University of Illinois. His house is a five minute drive from the one where he grew up, and he enjoys daily walks around the park where he used to play baseball.


Abortion and Rape

Apr 27, 2012|Matt Kaufman

Many say abortion is the closest thing to a solution in cases of rape. Here's research that shows it isn't in the best interest of either mother or child.

The Master Humbler

Apr 22, 2011|Matt Kaufman

Feeling pretty pleased with yourself? Meet someone who'll change that — a voice from beyond the grave.  

This is Your Brain on Porn

This Is Your Brain on Porn

Apr 07, 2010|Matt Kaufman

Just say no to smut.

The Spirit of Combat

Feb 05, 2008|Matt Kaufman

You can contend for a good cause with a bad attitude. I sure have.

A Shallow View of Sex

Aug 23, 2007|Matt Kaufman

An advice columnist's message about sexuality misses the mark.

The Darwinist's Blinders

Jan 19, 2006|Matt Kaufman

The problem with evolutionists isn't just that they can't see God at work. It's that they refuse to see Him at work.

Letter to a Christmas Christian

Dec 22, 2005|Matt Kaufman

You've known them — people who only step through the doors of a church on a holiday. Ever wonder what to say to them? Here's one writer's idea.

Evasive Maneuvers

Sep 01, 2005|Matt Kaufman

Sometimes it’s harder to deal with sins in our loved ones' lives than with sin in our own.

Abortion and Rape

Jan 08, 2004|Matt Kaufman

Even after a rape, abortion is never the answer: Choosing life is best for both mother and child.

The Virtues of Vacation

The Virtues of Vacation

Aug 07, 2003|Matt Kaufman

The Christian life isn't just work. It's also play.

What is Sex Anyway?

Jan 21, 1999|Matt Kaufman

Some college students play word games — just like the President.