Dustin Neeley

Dustin Neeley is a pastor, church planter, author and ministry coach. He lives in Louisville, Ky., with his wife and five children — one of whom was recently adopted from Ghana, West Africa. He has written curriculum for Lifeway, and his content has been featured regularly at The Gospel Coalition, The Resurgence, Between Two Worlds, Challies.com, Churchleaders.com and Catalyst Space.


Leave Your Average Life Behind

Leave Your Average Life Behind

Jun 10, 2013|Dustin Neeley

Make the most of this unique season as a young man seeking to live for Jesus. Get off the couch and in the game.

Sharing Jesus on the Job

Sharing Jesus on the Job

Mar 06, 2013|Dustin Neeley

How to become more effective in fulfilling the "Great Commission" in the important and strategic workplace environment

people viewing the mona lisa

Isn't She Beautiful?

Dec 13, 2012|Dustin Neeley

Stop tearing down the bride of Christ, and start to appreciate and proclaim her beauty.

Serving in Ways Married People Can't

Serving in Ways Married People Can't

Oct 09, 2012|Dustin Neeley

Here are five suggestions for singles to leverage their unique life season for the church in a way that married people often can't.

Why Normal Isn't Working

Sep 06, 2012|Dustin Neeley

The 'normal' way American young adults spend money is a problem. Learn how to live within your means with these three practical steps.