Sarah Pride

Sarah Pride grew up working for her parents' national homeschool magazine, Practical Homeschooling, and writing and editing reviews for Mary Pride's Complete Guide to Getting Started in Homeschooling. She worked for Patrick Henry College for five years post-graduation as its webmaster. Currently, she is freelancing in writing and website creation while working toward a Ph.D. in Ancient Near East Languages at the Catholic University of America.

Dream Hard and Work Harder

Dream Hard and Work Harder

Feb 24, 2014|Sarah Pride

Success is more within our power than we tend to think — even for big, hairy, scary goals.

Overcoming My Sexual Addiction

Overcoming My Sexual Addiction

Oct 19, 2012|Sarah Pride

From ages 12 to 20, I was addicted to reading erotic stories on the Internet. Here's how God lifted me from the pit and renewed my self-worth.

The Zombies of Generation Y

Jun 23, 2010|Sarah Pride

We walk among the living dead.  

Grocery Store Joy

Mar 12, 2010|Sarah Pride

To live in fullness of joy, we live as those who are not afraid to die.  

Listening for Earthquakes

Jan 12, 2010|Sarah Pride

Like many other singles, I frequently pray for a spouse. As I pray for this spouse, I remember Thing.  

My Prayer Journal

Jan 07, 2010|Sarah Pride

Each year, one "me" embarks on this adventure of life anew. By the end of 365 days, she's become someone different.