Courtney Reissig

Courtney Reissig is a pastor's wife, freelance writer and blogger. She has written for a variety of Christian websites including The Gospel Coalition and Her.meneutics. When she is not writing she enjoys running, reading, cooking and eating the fruits of her cooking labors. She is married to Daniel and is the mother of twin boys. They make their home in Little Rock, Ark.

woman standing in cave looking out at the world

I Am Limited, but God Is Not

May 14, 2018|Courtney Reissig

A brush with death exposed my weakness and limitations — and pushed me to run to God, the only one who can sustain me.

Three girls sitting at a concert

When a Friendship Fizzles

Jan 25, 2016|Courtney Reissig

On some level, we can all relate to the tension over a broken friendship.

All Work Is God's Work

Oct 26, 2015|Courtney Reissig

We’ve lost something of beauty in our pursuit of the next big thing. Work has not always been viewed as mundane and ordinary. 

Single Women Are Not on the Womanhood Waiting List

Single Women Are Not on the Womanhood Waiting List

May 11, 2015|Courtney Reissig

Is there any way for you, a single female, to live out this godly womanhood thing?

Friends Who Commit Stick

Friends Who Commit, Stick

Oct 06, 2014|Courtney Reissig

Our friends know we love them by the way we commit to them.

A woman working at a potter's wheel

You Don't Love Your Work?

Sep 01, 2014|Courtney Reissig

A guide for thinking about the intersection of your passion and your work

She's Just What He Needs, or Is She?

Nov 19, 2012|Courtney Reissig

It can be tempting for women to forgo the biblical warnings of unequal yoking and believe their story is different. But it rarely is.

Love the Church

Mar 28, 2012|Courtney Reissig

Do you want to do something big for Jesus?


Aug 24, 2011|Courtney Reissig

Does it matter how you interact with the opposite sex at work?