Christopher Riordan

"Christopher Riordan" is a pseudonym. The author lives in the Midwest. He spends his free time reading the same book 10 times in a row and hunting small socks behind his sofas.


Let's Talk

Let's Talk

Aug 23, 2012|Christopher Riordan

Learning to communicate is a lot like learning to dance. Start slow, learn your paces, respond to your partner's movements, pay attention, trust, and enjoy.

Searching for Marital Paradise

May 30, 2012|Christopher Riordan

Is your view of marital love influenced more by pornography and secular culture than the Bible? Discover what a Christ-centered sexual ethic entails.

The Trap of Enmeshment

Feb 15, 2012|Christopher Riordan

Discover why finding balance between connectedness and differentiation is one of the most important elements of a successful relationship.

Midnight in the Bedroom of Good and Evil

Dec 07, 2011|Christopher Riordan

Dying to self doesn't happen in an evening.