Laurel Robinson

Laurel Robinson is raising two little girls and writing in Maryland.


Pure Again

Pure Again

Jul 20, 2012|Laurel Robinson

"Virginity's well and good," you say, "but not everyone has waited." What can be said to readers who have already crossed the line? You asked; we're answering.

Finding Time to Succeed

Mar 04, 2011|Laurel Robinson

As busy as college life seems, it’s a lot slower than the work-a-day world that lies ahead. So make the most of these “lazy” days. Cornell shows you how.

The Sacrifice of Silence

The Sacrifice of Silence

Feb 24, 2010|Laurel Robinson

It's amazing what can happen when you don't rush to speak.  

The Truth About Your Spouse

The Truth About Your Spouse (Current or Future)

Jun 02, 2005|Laurel Robinson

It's not what the movies, magazines and romance novels want you to believe; it's a whole lot better.

Get Smart

May 05, 2005|Laurel Robinson

Oh the heels of big name books that slam motherhood, one author's writing about some surprising benefits to having babies.

Don't Sell Yourself Short

Don't Sell Yourself Short

Jan 13, 2005|Laurel Robinson

Sometimes finding out what makes you come alive starts with learning what makes you miserable.


Oct 10, 2002|Laurel Robinson

Not sure what you’re going to do after college? Don’t hurry to come up with an answer; God may have some surprises.

Just for Freshmen

Sep 27, 2001|Laurel Robinson

If you ever feel like your new friendships are less than ideal, you're not alone. But it's not all bad, either.

Mission-Driven Adventures

Jan 05, 2000|Laurel Robinson

Why not plan ahead for a summer of adventure that also has a noble purpose?

Love Lessons

Nov 12, 1998|Laurel Robinson

One in two marriages ends in divorce. Yet we still dream about the perfect relationship. Maybe we DO need it, or at least something that it perfectly embodies.