Jenny Schroedel

Jenny Schroedel lives in Holualoa, Hawaii, with her husband and two daughters. Her fifth book, Naming the Child: Hope-filled Reflections on Miscarriage, Stillbirth and Infant Death was released by Paraclete Press.

Free Your Enemy

Jun 15, 2012|Jenny Schroedel

Though often cheesy, some church signs include profound truths. This one included profound truth.

Telling Secrets

Oct 28, 2011|Jenny Schroedel

It's only when we choose to bring our secrets out into the light that healing can begin.  

From Despair to Dawn

Sep 23, 2011|Jenny Schroedel

There's a place so lonely, so frightening, it's closer to hope than you can imagine.  

How Mothering Makes More of Us

May 05, 2011|Jenny Schroedel

Society makes it sound like having a child is the end of the good life. Actually, it’s the beginning of a better life.

A Season of Celibacy

Oct 15, 2010|Jenny Schroedel

For most people, singleness is a temporary season. I wish I had more actively embraced its gifts before it ended.  

Encountering Etty

Apr 28, 2010|Jenny Schroedel

In the midst of the horror of Nazi persecution, Etty Hillesum found beauty and hope and reason to be grateful. And showed that despite its tragedy and loneliness, life is beautiful.    

From House to Home: The Art of Dwelling Well

Mar 24, 2010|Jenny Schroedel

It's not so much where you live, but how, that matters.  

Silencing Shame

Feb 16, 2010|Jenny Schroedel

When somebody shames you, it's probably a good time to take a step back.  

What's So Funny?

Jan 20, 2010|Jenny Schroedel

The more I explore the topic of humor, the more slippery the subject becomes.  

On the Death of Dreams

On the Death of Dreams

Jan 14, 2010|Jenny Schroedel

Sometimes you're just facing normal obstacles on the path to success. And sometimes the dream needs to die entirely.  

A Third of our Lives

Jun 16, 2009|Jenny Schroedel

It's one of the great mysteries of the Christian life: sleep.

Getting Unstuck: Stepping Toward Your Dreams

May 27, 2009|Jenny Schroedel

There's a reason what you want most seems so hard to achieve. Now some practical advice for getting there.

Facing up to Facebook

Mar 11, 2009|Jenny Schroedel

Hmm, I wonder, what exactly is happening to my brain?

Getting Real About Sex

Jul 22, 2008|Jenny Schroedel

A book about chastity is pointing the way in our sex-saturated culture.

The Name of Hope

Jan 03, 2008|Jenny Schroedel

The best is yet to come.

From Loneliness to Solitude

Nov 08, 2007|Jenny Schroedel

Being alone. For some, it's painful. For some, glorious. And for some, it's both.

The Gift of Presence

Oct 25, 2007|Jenny Schroedel

We don't have to spend our time skipping along the surface of life, missing out on the richness of engaging deeply with those around us.

Friendship Among Women

Aug 09, 2007|Jenny Schroedel

Insights into how to cultivate and appreciate friendships.

Becoming Undragoned

Jul 19, 2007|Jenny Schroedel

Sin has dulled your senses. Your skin feels thick, like the hide of a dragon. How can you possibly scrape all that off and become truly human again?

Communities That Heal

Communities That Heal

May 10, 2007|Jenny Schroedel

Despite the real risks that life in community might pose, healthy communities will ultimately give more than they take away.

After a Miscarriage

Mar 22, 2007|Jenny Schroedel

The death of a loved one is devastating, even if that loved one has never been born.

Caught in a Crush

Jun 15, 2006|Jenny Schroedel

We can see our longings as a bittersweet gift if we can look up from the tangled web of our own desires and see that they point past us, past the other person, to something more infinite.

A Fresh View of Blue: Thoughts on Depression

Mar 09, 2006|Jenny Schroedel

The road to mental wholeness may be arduous, but there is hope. Thankfully.

Things Left Undone: Thoughts on Guilt and Grief

Jan 26, 2006|Jenny Schroedel

A loved one dies. What can we do with our regrets? What can we do with the questions that seem to have no answers?

Solace from Silence: Comforting the Bereaved

Oct 13, 2005|Jenny Schroedel

After a death occurs, there are no perfect words. Perhaps the most loving response is a willingness to linger with our bereaved friend beside their loss.

Seeking a Homeland: Thoughts on Moving

Seeking a Homeland: Thoughts on Moving

Feb 10, 2005|Jenny Schroedel

Finding a place to live is about more than lot size, square footage and resale. It's about finding your way home.

A Season of Celibacy, Part 2

Nov 18, 2004|Jenny Schroedel

Readers agree — celibacy sounds good in theory. Now for a little practical advice.

Escaping Envy

Oct 21, 2004|Jenny Schroedel

Why anyone who's serious about friendship will do what it takes to put down jealousy.

A Season of Celibacy, Part 1

Sep 23, 2004|Jenny Schroedel

For most people, singleness is a temporary season. This author wishes she had more actively embraced its gifts before it ended.

Time Enough for Me

Feb 12, 2004|Jenny Schroedel

Too busy? Keeping perspective can give you all the time in the world.

After the Fact: Healing from a Friend’s Suicide

Jun 12, 2003|Jenny Schroedel

How do you deal with a tragedy? Here’s some advice from people who’ve been there.

Lighting the Way: Being There for Your Suicidal Friend

May 08, 2003|Jenny Schroedel

Sometimes you can't see suicide coming. Sometimes you can -- and sometimes you can stop it.

Fallen Beauty

Mar 20, 2003|Jenny Schroedel

How Jenny learned to quit hating the mirror.