Kara Schwab

Kara Schwab loves being a freelance writer and mommy. When she's not writing, she can be spotted with her husband, two little girls and boston terrier in Colorado Springs, Colo.

Opposites Attract

Dec 09, 2011|Kara Schwab

Magnets only work when they're facing polar opposites — maybe they're trying to teach us something.

The Best Way to Live

Nov 25, 2011|Kara Schwab

What's the one thing you like most about the people you most like?  

Beauty and the Beastly Heart

Jun 03, 2011|Kara Schwab

We're so much more than our faces and bodies. But is what's beneath our skin any better looking?  

Speak No Evil

Jan 26, 2010|Kara Schwab

It's easy to squeeze toothpaste out of the tube; near impossible to get it back in. Words are like that.  

Craving Crisis

Craving Crisis

Oct 28, 2009|Kara Schwab

Getting things done at the last minute can be quite a rush. Giving up the rush can be a hard habit to break.

Look Where You're Going

Look Where You're Going

Jun 04, 2008|Kara Schwab

It's tempting to wallow in the regret of past failures and wounds. But the real prize lies right where you are.

The Captivity of Negativity

The Captivity of Negativity

Dec 13, 2007|Kara Schwab

Scripture promotes the healing benefits of a joyful heart. Why settle for less?

Hate Your Life

Nov 15, 2007|Kara Schwab

With each passing day, I began feeling more and more the weight of dread and the crushing loss of unfulfilled longings....

Choose Joy

Aug 09, 2007|Kara Schwab

It's about a lot more than a feeling.

Ich Bin Eine Marathonerin

Feb 09, 2006|Kara Schwab

The Chicago Marathon leaves one non-runner with more than aching legs; she's left with lessons learned that transcend any race.

Blind Surprises

Nov 10, 2005|Kara Schwab

The shock of an unexpected surprise can be invigorating. While invigorating, an encounter with Christ should be no surprise.

Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Peace

Feb 10, 2005|Kara Schwab

Your wedding day is fast approaching and the invitations have all been sent. Is it too late to admit the nagging feeling that you've made a bad match?

What He Really Means Is ...

Nov 25, 2004|Kara Schwab

Trying to understand the New York Times Best Seller "He's Just Not That Into You."

Believing in the Dream of Marriage

Believing in the Dream of Marriage

Nov 04, 2004|Kara Schwab

Why is it some people's path to the altar is just a few footsteps long? Mine felt like a marathon.

When I Grow Up

Sep 30, 2004|Kara Schwab

As graduation nears, maybe it's more important to plan for who, than what, you want to be.