Steve Shadrach

Steve Shadrach lives in Conway, Ark., with his wife, five kids, two pets and six college students. Some of the students want to call their homestead across from the campus "The Compound;" Steve didn't think that sounded too good. He works with the ministry of Student Mobilization.


8 Spark Plugs to Start Your New Year

Dec 30, 2009|Steve Shadrach

Discover the secret meaning of "cylinder."

6 Reasons Why I'm a Follower of Jesus

Sep 02, 2004|Steve Shadrach

They’re pretty basic, yet somehow we often manage to lose sight of them. So here are some reminders.

7 Secrets of Avoiding Persecution, Part 2

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The second part of Shad’s tongue-in-cheek jab at lovers of comfort.

7 Secrets of Avoiding Persecution, Part 1

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A tongue-n-cheek jab at lovers of comfort.

4 Exit Ramps You Don't Want to Take

4 Exit Ramps You Don't Want to Take

Nov 20, 2003|Steve Shadrach

Getting on and staying on God's road is one of the greatest challenges we face as followers of Jesus Christ. 

15 Differences Between Guys and Girls

Oct 23, 2003|Steve Shadrach

Differences? What differences?

3 Mysterious Words

Sep 25, 2003|Steve Shadrach

Explaining the Gospel to seminary students and 5 year olds

4 Songs That Sing the Blues (and How to Beat Them)

Feb 06, 2003|Steve Shadrach

Some of the richest, most successful people in the world are lonely. Maybe you are, too. You don’t have to be.

6 Steps to Great Dating

Nov 07, 2002|Steve Shadrach

For Christians, the best dating means going against the grain of the culture.

Shock Therapy Discipleship

Oct 10, 2002|Steve Shadrach

Three secrets from the Buzz Underwood files.