Josh M. Shepherd

Josh M. Shepherd covers culture, faith, and public policy issues for media outlets including The Stream. He has served on staff at Focus on the Family, The Heritage Foundation, Bound4LIFE International, and two Congressional offices. A graduate of the University of Colorado, Josh and his wife, Terri, live in the Washington, D.C. area.

people sitting on couch, holding angry emojis over their faces

6 Tips for Talking Politics on Facebook

Apr 30, 2018|Josh M. Shepherd

Your voice on social media carries great power. Learn from my mistakes how to be more responsible with it.

darkened theater with red velvet seats

The Year Faith-Centered Films Got Good

Dec 18, 2017|Josh M. Shepherd

This year, even Hollywood critics noticed a rising standard among faith-centric films. Here are nine Christian movies worth watching.

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Dating With a Different Spirit

Nov 06, 2017|Josh M. Shepherd

Navigating dating in our confusing culture requires a paradigm shift.

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How to Lose Your Faith in 4 Easy Steps

Sep 25, 2017|Josh M. Shepherd

As we see in the parable of the sower and the seed, not all soil is the same. Why does faith stick in some cases and seem to slip away in others?

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Can We Navigate Politics With Integrity and Civility?

Apr 24, 2017|Josh M. Shepherd

When it comes to discussing important cultural issues, here are five ways Christians can find a better way forward.