Eric Simmons

Eric Simmons leads One, the singles ministry at Covenant Life Church. In 2006 Eric took over the leadership of New Attitude and helped introduce the concept of humble orthodoxy. Eric lives in Gaithersburg, Md., with his four kids, his wife, Lisa, and two of his favorite mountain bikes.

'I Want to Eat Your Soul'

Feb 07, 2008|Eric Simmons

Living large means making the most of awkward encounters. Like when someone tells you they want to eat your soul.

Meeting God in the Saloon

Jan 31, 2008|Eric Simmons

Unexpected inconveniences could actually be opportunities ordained by God.

Gray Matters: Five Principles of Discernment, Part 2

May 03, 2007|Eric Simmons

In this continuing exploration of discernment, we take a look at how to think biblically, involve others, and decide to worship.

Gray Matters: Five Principles of Discernment, Part 1

May 03, 2007|Eric Simmons

They may seem like gray areas. But to God, they're black and white.