Brenna Kate Simonds

Brenna Kate Simonds, her husband, their son and their cocker spaniel reside in Boston. Brenna Kate is a songwriter/worship leader at her church and director of Alive in Christ, an Exodus Member Ministry. She enjoys running, cooking, blogging and spending time with family.

God Gave His Only

Dec 23, 2009|Brenna Kate Simonds

For God so loved the world that ...

Shedding Weight

Oct 20, 2009|Brenna Kate Simonds

Dwelling on negative thoughts. Surely that's not the best use of my time.

Life. Support.

Aug 18, 2009|Brenna Kate Simonds

In spite of iPhones and Facebook, we're more disconnected than ever. It's time to make some offline friends.

Bye Bye, Pebble Baby

Mar 24, 2009|Brenna Kate Simonds

I was seven weeks and six days pregnant. And something didn't feel quite right.

Beloved Unlovely

Dec 17, 2008|Brenna Kate Simonds

How might I do a better job of loving the unlovely, people covered with the filth of sin?

Opportunities for Joy

Nov 25, 2008|Brenna Kate Simonds

When crying babies come your way, consider it an opportunity for great joy.

Craving Egypt

Aug 14, 2008|Brenna Kate Simonds

When things get rough and disorienting, the predictability of the past starts looking pretty good.

The Gift of Freedom

The Gift of Freedom

Jul 03, 2008|Brenna Kate Simonds

It is for freedom that Christ has set us free.

Confessions of a Cutter

Apr 10, 2008|Brenna Kate Simonds

I can clearly remember the first time I self-injured.

Disordered Eating

Jan 16, 2008|Brenna Kate Simonds

She was so thin that friends were telling her she would die. After collapsing in the middle of the street, she began to really believe them.

Out of Lesbianism

Oct 18, 2007|Brenna Kate Simonds

A search for security and acceptance takes one woman through isolation, same-sex "marriage" ... and redemption.