Greg Spencer

Greg Spencer, Ph.D. teaches communication studies at Westmont College. He is the author of Living the Quieter Virtues in a Noisy World. He has also published two novels: The Welkening and Guardian of the Veil.

Wanted Now: Contentment

Apr 02, 2008|Greg Spencer

The way to satisfaction in an unsatisfying world is to practice the art of dying well.  

Real Presence and the Image Consciousness Fairy

Sep 27, 2007|Greg Spencer

Part of what gives us the courage to practice an inside-out consistency is the knowledge that Jesus already knows what is on the inside.

Being Real Is a Real Problem

Sep 20, 2007|Greg Spencer

In an age of modern media, our comfort with illusion has worked its way into our souls.

Do You Like God?

Do You Like God?

Apr 05, 2007|Greg Spencer

Your relationship with the Lord may be stagnant because you merely love Him.