Scott Stanley

Scott Stanley, Ph.D. is co-director of the Center for Marital and Family Studies and a research professor of psychology at the University of Denver. He has authored numerous research articles on relationships and is an expert on marital commitment. Dr. Stanley has co-authored the book Fighting for Your Marriage and developed video and audio-tapes by the same title. He is also the co-author of A Lasting Promise, author of The Heart of Commitment and The Power of Commitment. Additionally, he regularly contributes to print and broadcast media as an expert on marriage.

Mentor Series: Crossing the Line

Mentor Series: Crossing the Line

Men aren't able to commit? "Marriage research rock star" Scott Stanley challenges that assertion.

Myths About Divorce

Apr 14, 2010|Scott Stanley

Though young adults are statistically more likely to repeat their parents' mistakes, they are not doomed to do so.  

Myths About Living Together

Jul 07, 2009|Scott Stanley

Living together before marriage seems like a great way to test your relationship. But what you're really doing is limiting your options.

Myths About Soul Mates

Myths About Soul Mates

Jun 04, 2009|Scott Stanley

Believing that "the one" is out there, waiting to "complete you," inevitably leads to discontentment and maybe even divorce.

Mentor Series: The Burning Bush

Aug 30, 2007|Scott Stanley

How do we know when marrying someone is God's will?

Mentor Series: The Boiling Pot

Aug 16, 2007|Scott Stanley

Not sure what you've got cooking in your relationship? Bring down the heat.