Elise Stephens

Elise Stephens lives in Seattle with her husband, James. Her first novel, Moonlight and Oranges, was a quarter-finalist for the 2011 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award. When she’s not writing, she loves live theater, swing dancing, eating tiramisu, singing and painting. She also regularly craves Dilettante’s chocolate-covered fruit medleys, in case you’d like to know how to bribe her.


The Spouse Checklist

The Spouse Checklist

Mar 03, 2014|Elise Stephens

What I wish I had known about preparing myself for marriage

Planning a Wedding (and Living to Tell the Tale)

Nov 19, 2012|Elise Stephens

From afar, planning a wedding seems so enticing. But the truth is most brides are crestfallen when they realize how hard it really is.