Aaron Stern

Aaron Stern is the pastor of Mill City Church in Ft. Collins, Colo., and the founder of the LEAD Network, a nationwide resource that trains young adult pastors. He likes getting the mail, Mountain Dew and the smell of sawdust. He dislikes folding laundry, the NFL off-season and tomatoes. Aaron is the author of What's Your Secret? Freedom through Confession. He and his wife, Jossie, have four boys.


Church Mess

Church Mess

Aug 26, 2013|Aaron Stern

When we find mess in the church, our ideals are shattered and our hearts broken. Where's the hope?

Five questions to answer before you get married

5 Questions to Answer Before You Get Married

Mar 07, 2012|Aaron Stern

In a culture where broken marriages are the norm, greater weight needs to be placed on making sure that the stage is set for a successful relationship.

What's Your Secret?

Oct 27, 2011|Aaron Stern

Using confession to reach wholeness of heart and wholeness of relationship