Tim Sweetman

Tim Sweetman is a 22-year-old writer and blogger from our nation’s capital, Washington D.C. He and his wife married young and have one girl.

Faithful to the End

Apr 11, 2012|Tim Sweetman

God is looking for a multitude of faithful, risk-taking plodders.

Stop Reading Your Bible

Dec 28, 2011|Tim Sweetman

And start understanding it.  

A Drive Across Kansas

Jan 25, 2011|Tim Sweetman

Trusting God no matter your circumstances  

Dear Melissa

Mar 26, 2010|Tim Sweetman

Now, I realize I don't know you at all. But I feel like I need to write this letter because I have to confess.  

Loser Christian

Oct 08, 2009|Tim Sweetman

I rightly hate the sin. I wrongly continue to dwell on the fact that I've sinned.

Speech Lessons

Aug 20, 2009|Tim Sweetman

My classroom was the streets on the rougher side of town.

Facebook Faceoff

Mar 26, 2009|Tim Sweetman

Something is beckoning for my attention. And it's not online.

Apple Addiction

Feb 03, 2009|Tim Sweetman

It's easy to allow myself to buy into the lie that what I own is who I am.

But For the Grace

Dec 02, 2008|Tim Sweetman

Do we reject the outcast? Or identify with them?

Running from the Edge

Aug 29, 2008|Tim Sweetman

Exciting? Perhaps. Liberating? Seems like it. Dangerous? Without a doubt.

No Little People

Aug 06, 2008|Tim Sweetman

If the Lord can be glorified through a humble stick of wood, surely He can be glorified through a humble you.