Todd Temple

Todd Temple is the author or co-author of 19 books, including several about money. He also produces video, multimedia and interactive programming for youth conferences through his company 10 TO 20.

How I Survived My Debt Crisis

How I Survived My Debt Crisis

Jul 15, 2011|Todd Temple

For months, Todd's been sharing his financial wisdom. Ever wonder where he got it? Now he shares his personal story of recovery from crushing debt.

Giving It Away

May 22, 2009|Todd Temple

Don't leave charity to the government.

Setting an All-Time Credit Record

Oct 23, 2008|Todd Temple

Most future-minded college students prize their academic record. But they ignore another kind of record that’s even more powerful: their credit record.

Lessons From Sneetches

Oct 14, 2008|Todd Temple

You don't have to be a genius to learn about money. Financial lessons abound. Even in Dr. Seuss storybooks.

How to Wallow in Debt

Oct 10, 2008|Todd Temple

Tired of hearing that debt is bad? Temple's here to show you how to get into debt — lots of it.

Taming the Credit Card Beast

Apr 03, 2003|Todd Temple

Easy credit abounds — especially in college mail boxes. So how do you balance all that quick money with the potential for staggering debt? Glad you asked.

The Money Game

Jan 30, 2003|Todd Temple

Retailers know what'll get you into their store, what makes you want to buy and how to get you to buy more than you came for. Don't be a victim.

Mutual Funds Explained Pretty Clearly

Jan 02, 2003|Todd Temple

For the small-time investor, mutual funds may be just the thing.

More Ways to Rent Out Your Money

Nov 28, 2002|Todd Temple

It's a good thing to start a savings account. But where earning interest is concerned, there are much better ways to do it.

Voting with Your Wallet

Oct 03, 2002|Todd Temple

You can vote for more than just political candidates. You can vote for consumer products — the ones that match what you believe in.

Money for Rent

Aug 29, 2002|Todd Temple

You may not have much money. But with the right strategy, you can make almost nothing grow into something.

How to Buy a Car the Bank Won't Own

How to Buy a Car the Bank Won't Own

May 02, 2002|Todd Temple

A step-by-step guide for buying a used car

The Student Loan Swindle

Mar 28, 2002|Todd Temple

Why does college cost you so much? For the answer, follow the money trail -- to Washington, D.C.

Get Out! (of Debt)

Jan 24, 2002|Todd Temple

Last month Todd had advice for staying out of debt. If you’re one of the many who are already in it, this classic Temple column is for you.

Stay Out (of Debt)

Dec 13, 2001|Todd Temple

The holidays can really sink your finances. This month's classic Money Talks column offers some tips for avoiding the debt trap.

Filling the Holiday Hollow

Filling the Holiday Hollow

Nov 15, 2001|Todd Temple

It's a fact: We will never be able to afford what we want. Maybe that's because what we're really after can't be bought.

Gimme a (Tax) Break

Jan 04, 2001|Todd Temple

In life, two things are unavoidable: death and taxes. We'll talk about death another day.

Ethical Investing

Oct 04, 2000|Todd Temple

One reader thought Temple was encouraging readers to invest with no eye toward morality. Here he sets the record straight.

Contrary to Popular Opinion

Contrary to Popular Opinion

Aug 31, 2000|Todd Temple

When it comes to saving money, not everybody's doing it. You gotta' be willing to be different.

Stock Swapping

Mar 15, 2000|Todd Temple

"It seems like everyone's getting rich off the stock market these days. Everyone, that is, but you." If this sounds familiar, read on. Temple's primer on investing may be just what you need to get started.

Even You Can Invest

Oct 28, 1999|Todd Temple

You may think investing is something you'll get around to in the future. But the future is exactly what you should start planning for now. Temple makes it easy.

Where Money Should Go

Nov 12, 1998|Todd Temple

For college students short on cash (is there another type?) there's one sure way to financial success — and it's not the lottery.

Tracking Your Cash

Oct 07, 1998|Todd Temple

Money management can be easy and, dare we say, kind of fun.

Wealthy Enough

Aug 22, 1998|Todd Temple

One man's story of money. How it broke him in college.