John Thomas

John Thomas has been a Boundless contributor since its beginning in 1998. He and his wife, Alfie, have three children and live in Arkansas, where he serves as executive director of Ozark Camp and Conference Center, a youth camp and retreat center.

What Guys Wish You Knew

What Guys Wish You Knew

Mar 25, 2011|John Thomas

Have you ever asked, "Where are all the good guys?" They want you to know they are all around you. Here's what they're looking for in a future spouse.

Driving Immanuel

Dec 10, 2010|John Thomas

A particular group of shepherds was stunned by a divine encounter some two millennia ago. One motorist was perhaps only slightly less startled when Immanuel showed up as he was traveling I-40.  

Solomon's Line on Premarital Sex

Solomon's Line on Premarital Sex

Jul 22, 2010|John Thomas

Where in the Bible does it specifically say premarital sex is wrong?

Just Us

Jul 07, 2010|John Thomas

Sometimes a DTR doesn't go quite as planned.  

An Eye-Opening Rendezvous

May 29, 2009|John Thomas

Committing to attend a pre-dawn prayer service can draw the worst, and the best, from you.

Camp Staff Saints

Camp Staff Saints

May 15, 2009|John Thomas

If you're planning to get a job on a summer camp staff this summer, you're not joining a staff; you're joining a legacy.

Driving Immanuel

Dec 15, 2005|John Thomas

Some shepherds were stunned by a divine encounter two millennia ago. A motorist was only slightly less startled when Jesus showed up as he was traveling I-40.

Paddling After Jake and Myrtle

Nov 17, 2005|John Thomas

Longtime married couples are rare. Happily longtime married couples like Jake and Myrtle are rarer yet.

The Gospel According to Joe

Sep 22, 2005|John Thomas

The closest I ever got to the Beatles was just the beginning of getting close to Jesus.

Where Credit is Due

May 26, 2005|John Thomas

When Martin Luther was busiest, he prayed the longest. I think he was onto something.

Basic Confusion

Apr 21, 2005|John Thomas

Struggling with the meaning of life? Maybe your friendly sales clerk can help.

Sophomore Smackdown

Jan 27, 2005|John Thomas

Some people learn to boldly take initiative from everyday occurances. Others learn it on a skateboard at the top of a dry waterslide.

Chemist, Interrupted

Nov 18, 2004|John Thomas

Some people choose their majors for really good reasons. I was not one of those people.

Giving Them What They Want Without Losing Who You Are

Oct 14, 2004|John Thomas

Makeover's are all the rage. But trying to be someone you're not is just plain unlivable.

Why Men Are Out

Sep 23, 1999|John Thomas

Men are declining says Prof. Tiger. The question remians: Why?

Get Serious About Studying

Jan 07, 1999|John Thomas

New Years Resolutions abound this time of year. If studying harder is among yours, read on. John tells you how, starting with the library couch.

Changing Majors? Don’t Forget to Tell Mom and Dad

Dec 10, 1998|John Thomas

’Fessing up to a change in course work can be scary. Finally, some advice that’s bound to work.