Rachel Starr Thomson

Rachel Starr Thomson is a writer, indie publisher and editor. She’s the author of Letters to a Samuel Generation, Heart to Heart: Meeting with God in the Lord's Prayer, the Seventh World Trilogy, and other books published by Little Dozen Press. In her other life she’s a poet/storyteller/narrator/singer for Soli Deo Gloria Ballet, a Christian performing arts company.

Rachel dwells in southern Canada, where she loves to take long walks, read good books and drink hot tea. She is passionate to know and love God and to see others worship him in spirit and in truth.

Childless on Mother's Day

Childless on Mother's Day

May 10, 2012|Rachel Starr Thomson

If you're a woman who appears to be within childbearing age, people make assumptions. Learn how to handle their expectations with grace and femininity.

man standing in front of a river

Undivided Devotion

Feb 22, 2012|Rachel Starr Thomson

What two funerals taught me about singleness and fruitfulness

Examine Thy Father and Mother

Oct 05, 2011|Rachel Starr Thomson

Step back and observe what your parents did and taught to see how it lines up with God’s perspective.

The Unity Fact

Aug 10, 2011|Rachel Starr Thomson

Christian unity isn’t something we have to achieve. It already is.  

Wild Geese in the City

Jul 20, 2011|Rachel Starr Thomson

Plunge into the wider world God created and said was good  

Still Praying in the Wilderness

May 04, 2011|Rachel Starr Thomson

Will you keep trusting God even when He seems distant?  

Living Well in Exile

Mar 09, 2011|Rachel Starr Thomson

We're in a world where we don’t belong.  

Kitchen-Table Bible Scholar

Kitchen-Table Bible Scholar

Feb 23, 2011|Rachel Starr Thomson

Serious personal Bible study is both less intimidating than it sounds and more challenging than you might expect.  

Fear and Trembling

Jan 18, 2011|Rachel Starr Thomson

You are so precious to Someone that He willingly laid down His life for you.  

Mission: Internet

Mission: Internet

Oct 27, 2010|Rachel Starr Thomson

My new goal online isn't just to build a platform for myself as a writer, but to build a platform for Jesus.  

Vocabulary of Grace

Aug 10, 2010|Rachel Starr Thomson

A simple switch in vocabulary can trigger a profound difference in attitude.  

A large group of people standing on a subway platform

An Introvert's Guide to Church

Jul 30, 2010|Rachel Starr Thomson

In many ways, the church is an extroverts' world. So for introverts to be effective in ministry and get more out of church, it takes some creative thinking.

Life Between the Holidays

Life Between the Holidays

Jun 10, 2010|Rachel Starr Thomson

Every day is significant. Every day is sacred.  

King of the Wild Things

May 27, 2010|Rachel Starr Thomson

Sometimes the wild things rear up, threatening to make me lose my grip on reason and drive into a wild rumpus all my own.  


May 19, 2010|Rachel Starr Thomson

Destiny is for me a real thing. The forces directing it have been active for a long, long time.  

Charting My Course

Charting My Course

Apr 29, 2010|Rachel Starr Thomson

It had been many years since we'd talked about values and dreams and plans and goals. It was time for a refresher.

Seven Values of a Heavenly Life

Seven Values of a Heavenly Life

Feb 17, 2010|Rachel Starr Thomson

Seven values help me sort out the temporal from the eternal, and relate to both with my heart in the right place.  

What We Don't Know

Oct 07, 2009|Rachel Starr Thomson

Ignorance is pathetic, but we can't excuse him on the grounds that he didn't know. He chooses his own doom.


Aug 21, 2009|Rachel Starr Thomson

"WWJD?" only invites speculation. It's not what Jesus would do that transforms us. It's what He did do, for us, to us, in us.

Fire Words

Aug 14, 2009|Rachel Starr Thomson

I marvel at the eternal in Amy Carmichael's books, in her poems and letters, and her phrases are still ringing down the years of my life.

I Surrender All

Aug 05, 2009|Rachel Starr Thomson

Don't give up when life hurts. Surrender instead.

Thoughts from the Ship of Singleness

Jul 22, 2009|Rachel Starr Thomson

I must admit that my ship of singleness feels a little less even-keel than it used to.

Our Father

Jun 24, 2009|Rachel Starr Thomson

For thousands of years, He was known as The Name. But, in a moment, all that had forever changed.

The God Backstage

May 19, 2009|Rachel Starr Thomson

We're mesmerized by what takes place onstage. But perhaps the greatest wonders occur before the curtain even opens.

A Walk Across the Water

Apr 24, 2009|Rachel Starr Thomson

Too often I forget that life is a vapor in the wind — that I am walking, not on solid ground, but on water.

Confessions of a Legalist

Mar 05, 2009|Rachel Starr Thomson

When she answered Satan, Eve didn't stand on God's command. She stood on her own.

Conviction Life

Jan 20, 2009|Rachel Starr Thomson

Most of us live by default or by reaction. There's a better way.

More and Merrier

Jan 09, 2009|Rachel Starr Thomson

Numbers don't automatically create a loving community, but ...

The Other Christian Faith

Nov 19, 2008|Rachel Starr Thomson

It's been around as long as Christianity itself. And it's a lie.

Now for the Not-Yet

Now for the Not-Yet

Sep 24, 2008|Rachel Starr Thomson

Am I living well today? And is the way I'm living actually going to lead to a good, God-honoring future — not just here, but in eternity?

Paint the Light

Aug 19, 2008|Rachel Starr Thomson

The world is dark, and we are needed.

Through the Noise

Aug 05, 2008|Rachel Starr Thomson

In this vortex of stimuli, truth and deception, art may do what few other things can: It may, for a moment, still the scene around us.  

20-Something Reasons to Live at Home

May 23, 2008|Rachel Starr Thomson

Family life offers many blessings for the stay-at-home single adult, provided that we use this stage to actively and responsibly build a future.

Praying Like Paul

Apr 25, 2008|Rachel Starr Thomson

We have a lot to learn about praying for others from the man who prayed for us.


Mar 27, 2008|Rachel Starr Thomson

It's been a day of small annoyances, and now at 2 a.m. they float up like Dickensian specters, clanking their chains after them.

Broken Embrace

Jan 30, 2008|Rachel Starr Thomson

The act of forgiving is a breaking. And a healing.