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Rory Tyer

Rory Tyer does marketing, writing, teaching and facilitation with Global Outreach International. In addition to providing back office support for over 250 missionaries in 49 countries, Global Outreach partners with churches and Christian organizations for Gospel-centered, custom leadership development solutions based on tools and research developed in partnership with the Center for Creative Leadership. Rory is an independent singer-songwriter with Rory Tyer Band and loves to get lost in a good fantasy novel. He and his wife Heather live in Tupelo, Mississippi with their two pit bulls.

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The Art of Constructive Feedback

Apr 03, 2017|Rory Tyer

Understanding how to both give and receive feedback can make the difference between professional advancement and career stagnation, between healthy relationships and toxic or frustrating ones.


Skip the New Year’s Resolutions—Think About Death Instead

Jan 09, 2017|Rory Tyer

What living next to a cemetery taught me about the reality of death.

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Online Dating Is Here to Stay

Oct 03, 2016|Rory Tyer

Maybe we shouldn't be so quick to judge online dating as a lost cause.