Steve Watters

Steve Watters is the vice president of communications at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary where he is also a student. Steve and his wife, Candice, were the founders of Boundless, and Steve served as the director of young adults at Focus on the Family for several years before leaving for seminary.

Be Fruitful

Be Fruitful

Marketers want you to consume. Christ asks you to produce.

Mentor Series: Crossing the Line

Mentor Series: Crossing the Line

Men aren't able to commit? "Marriage research rock star" Scott Stanley challenges that assertion.

Catalyst or Catastrophe

Nov 30, 2011|Steve Watters

How our sex drive can bring us closer to God or further away.

Script or Scripture: Where's Your Trust?

Nov 09, 2011|Steve Watters

Put your trust in the Word that became flesh and is trustworthy and true.  

Beyond 'Looking' Desperate

Sep 07, 2011|Steve Watters

Desperation in dating can lead us to understand our greater source of desperation and in turn redeem our whole approach to dating.

Beyond Curious George

Jun 08, 2011|Steve Watters

It’s easy to believe that life has more to do with good or bad luck than having a connection to what you do or don't do.  

Like a Roaring Lion

May 25, 2011|Steve Watters

Understanding the enemy in your life story  

Clear Decks

Clear Decks

Dec 31, 2009|Steve Watters

Clutter hinders action and opportunity.

Goal-Setting and the Lake Effect

Dec 28, 2006|Steve Watters

A lakeside cabin retreat inspired some big dreams, dreams later brought into perspective by a day of rest.

Why Family? Part 2: Crucible and Legacy

Jul 06, 2006|Steve Watters

A pervasive myth in our culture is that commitment and sacrifice are barriers to our fulfillment - but family is really the path to fulfillment.

Why Family? Part 1: Purpose and Blessing

Jun 29, 2006|Steve Watters

Single men have asked "Who should I marry?" and "When should I marry?" But now they're finding themselves asking a more fundamental question: "Why marry?"

My Goals and the 'Lake Effect'

Apr 29, 2004|Steve Watters

What I learned at a small cottage about goals and God’s purposes.

Hoping for a Soul Mate

Hoping for a Soul Mate

Apr 08, 2004|Steve Watters

Are cultural expectations frustrating our best relationships?

Presley to Preacher: Part 3

Mar 25, 2004|Steve Watters

Discovering the wealth of the king.

Presley to Preacher: Part 2

Feb 26, 2004|Steve Watters

The difference between trying to get people to like you and learning to love like God does.

Presley to Preacher: Part 1

Jan 29, 2004|Steve Watters

How a visit with Elvis changed my dad’s view of talent.

A Starting Salary of 'All the Pizza I Could Eat'

Nov 13, 2003|Steve Watters

Tough lessons and hard-wrought wisdom from Steve’s first job out of college.

Adult Before 30?

Oct 16, 2003|Steve Watters

Some think it takes guys 30 years to become adults. The question is, do you meet these low expectations or exceed them?

Taking a Relationship from Good to Great

Oct 09, 2003|Steve Watters

On the other side of the “pulling a Ruth” story, Steve Watters talks about his path to the altar.

Listen Up!

Jul 10, 2003|Steve Watters

Could you go a whole day without talking? This and three other speaking challenges could change your life.

To Boldly Go ...

To Boldly Go ...

Jun 10, 2003|Steve Watters

Writing and living a mission statement for the hungry years.

Making the Most of the Hungry Years

May 01, 2003|Steve Watters

Dreaming up your future while you snack on ramen noodles.

That's Just Grandpa

Feb 06, 2003|Steve Watters

A new way of looking at those super-spiritual types in our lives.

Why College Men Aren’t Ready to Marry

Dec 05, 2002|Steve Watters

Why the delay? Even Christian guys give lots of reasons — like what one calls "waiting for Pamela Anderson to become a Christian."

I Know What You Did Last Night

Jan 10, 2001|Steve Watters

Ever felt like you and your computer have a dirty little secret? You're not alone.

Strange Love

Jul 22, 1999|Steve Watters

Ever thought of having a virtual fling? It may be more than you bargained for.