Head shot of Samuel James on his wedding day

Samuel James

Samuel D. James serves in the President’s Office at the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission.

Jaime Jamgochian

Jaime Jamgochian

Jaime Jamgochian is a Christian singer songwriter and worship leader who lives in Nashville.


Charlie Jarvis

Charlie Jarvis is chairman and chief executive of USA Next and United Seniors Association.


Thomas Jefferies

Thomas Jeffries

Thomas Jeffries is a journalist, editor and recreational basketball player. He was born on the east coast, grew up in the Midwest and now resides with his wife and kids in Colorado.

Jackie Johnson

Jackie M. Johnson

Jackie M. Johnson is an author and freelance writer. A native of Milwaukee, Jackie lives in Colorado Springs, Colo.


Picture of Maggie Johnson

Maggie Johnson

Maggie Johnson is a social justice junkie who lives with her bearded, worship-leading husband in Indianapolis. 


G. Harrison Jones

G. Harrison Jones is licensed therapist. His professional experiences and studies include issues of human sexuality and a biblical sexual ethic.


J.E. Jones

J.E. Jones is a writer, graduate student and part-time vegan who can be found reading books and listening to jazz.


Jennifer E. Jones

Jennifer E. Jones

Jennifer E. Jones is a freelance writer who spends her spare time cooking, writing her novel and training for marathons. (Photo by HG Photography)