What constitutes a "marriable woman"?

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John Thomas

What constitutes a "marriable woman"?

Apr 05, 2010 |John Thomas

(Note: the following question was submitted by a female reader)

I hear a lot of people use the phrase "marriable woman," and I wonder, from a guy's point of view, what constitutes a "marriable woman"?


If you're asking what a certain guy is looking for in a certain girl, that's as varied as the guys who are out there. But rather than try to decipher what a specific guy constitutes as a "marriable woman," you need to focus on what is godly womanhood — that's the criteria that matters.

Getting your heart around that is not always easy (Boundless columnist Candice Watters came up with a great A-Z checklist on the Boundless blog), but I especially like the idea of seeking a captivating woman. Put simply, her heart is captivated by Christ, and as a result, she is a woman who is truly captivating.

Yes, there are very practical things you can do to communicate your interest and availability, but first and foremost a guy wants a girl who is brimming with captivating, God-given life ("Z" on Candice's list). Now that is a marriable woman.


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