2013’s Most Popular Boundless Articles

Selecting topics and authors for new Boundless articles is one of my favorite parts of my job as editor. To find a great idea plus a quality writer to communicate the subject is only the start. The real reward comes when I can see what most resonates with our readers through comments on Facebook, number of pageviews, emails we receive and the like. Your feedback matters greatly!

Here are our five most popular articles from 2013 as well as a little background info on each of them:   

5. “Sanctification in the Season of Singleness” by Carolyn McCulley

Sometime ago, a friend shared with me the audio link of Carolyn McCulley’s seminar called “Singleness” from the Desiring God 2012 National Conference. I knew right away we needed to share its message on Boundless and asked Carolyn to write on the topic. This article offers encouragement that marriage is one way God matures us, but it’s not the only way.

 4. “Why It Is Not Good to Be Alone” by Owen Strachan

In this age of Facebook, church small groups, demanding careers, texting and more, I sometimes wonder if singles, particularly men, lack motivation to actively pursue marriage. That’s what helped prompt this article about what a young man misses out on if he stays “alone” even though his body and heart pull him toward marriage.

 3. “How Purity Can Become a Problem” by Suzanne Hadley Gosselin

At Boundless, we receive emails from our readers that cover the entire spectrum of sexual experience and inexperience. From offering advice to an unwed pregnant woman to this article that outlines four ways purity can become a problem, we work hard to provide content for a variety of situations. For more, see the Sexuality page of our site.

2. “Why Have Babies?” by Candice Watters

One of our missions at Boundless is to not only help young adults date well and grow in maturity, but to also grasp a biblical worldview of marriage and family. You may think your reasons for having babies are biblical, but in this article, Candice warns that we may have absorbed a lot more culture and a lot less Bible than we realize.

1. “How to Win a Woman’s Heart” by Joshua Rogers

You can’t get any more practical than the advice Joshua Rogers offers men in this article. When I first read it, I found myself saying “yes,” “exactly,” “spot on” several times. It’s just plain good! And because of its popularity, we’re planning to publish its counterpart “How to Win a Man’s Heart” by Shaunti Feldhahn in February 2014. Stay tuned!

What topic do you hope to read more about in 2014 on Boundless? Do you have a favorite Boundless author you hope to hear from?