The Good Side of Getting Older

I turned 37 this year. Ouch.

I’m still single and there are several goals I thought I would have accomplished by now. Sometimes aging is depressing.

Our culture is pretty good at enforcing a negative opinion of aging. At every birthday we hear people grumbling about how old they are. They wish for the good ol’ days, or remember how earlier years were their best ones. And I know that women sometimes deal with this even more strongly if they want to have children and are approaching the later childbearing years.


What Would Jesus Post?

I use social media because I want people to approve of me.

Most of the time, that means posting art I’ve made, tweeting insights I think are clever, or announcing it when I volunteer for something. For others, it might be Facebooking pictures from their vacation in Italy, Instagramming their fancy drink at a hip new bar, or confidently arguing their intelligent political views in the comments of a blog.

I think what we post on social media can be a clue to where we find our value.

purpose concept on signpost

Life Hacks to Living Your Masterpiece

Fortunately these days we don’t have to worry every waking minute about Mongols invading our land or locusts devouring our crops. With our slow-pour coffee in hand, a bag of unique resources within us, and avenues to touch the world at our fingertips, each morning we can look out over our inviting cityscapes and ask, “What will I do with this day?”

We can spend it trying to take the perfect selfie, being promoted to a corner office, or getting the most Instagram followers.


Your Artistic Passion Has Purpose

Art is only a tiny line item in most church budgets, but what if it were recognized as one of the most powerful forces working for or against the kingdom?

Do you knit? Do you dabble with the guitar? Do you have aspirations to make movies or write books?

If you consider yourself artistic in any way, I want you to know your passions have a purpose. But even if you’re not artistic, I encourage you to live your life like it were art.

A typewriter with paper

God’s on the Move: A call for stories

A few years ago my friend Kim got really angry at God because someone close to her died. She had even stopped praying. But she still kept up the good Christian-girl facade. One day she went to a new church service with some people she didn’t know very well. Though the service was remarkably boring, Kim was furiously journaling. She’d never prayed for something tangible before, but that day she felt led to pray, God, I just really need to know you love me.

A group of friends sitting around a campfire

How to Make Friends and Encourage People

I used to be so shy and worried about the opinions of others that I’d become a spineless blob of yogurt around anyone I wanted to like me. You should have seen me on “dates.” I still have interactions like that every now and then, especially if I’m with someone I want to ask out. But since about ten years ago, I started having the opposite problem. Now, I keep forgetting the names of those I’ve had good conversations with because I end up meeting so many new people each week.

A single light bulb in a dark room

The Power of Singleness

Growing up I fell in love with lots of girls — I just never talked to any of them. I didn’t even date or kiss anyone until college. I was so insecure around the people I wanted to like me, and I had no idea who I was. Adolescence was hard and lonely and full of longing.

This is partly what afforded me the time to develop my thoughts and passions. I began writing, drawing, and developing my own thoughts on life and who I wanted to be.