Baby Bust: Episode 273

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Roundtable: How’s Your Serve?

Do you wish you could serve more in the causes you care about? Or maybe you’re not sure what you care about? Or perhaps you’re wondering what opportunities are out there, and how to get involved? Listen in as we share practical ways for stepping out your front door, building relationships and being the hands and feet of Christ right where you live.

Culture: Population Projection

Are we on the verge of a population bust, or would fewer people on the earth be a good thing? Journalist and researcher Jonathan Last thinks that fewer babies equals more problems for future generations, and shows that current trends in some countries are already spelling disaster. A fascinating conversation that will get you thinking beyond today.

Inbox: Strange Bedfellows

She likes her sleep, and won’t sharing a bed after getting married just mess things up? Tossing and turning, stealing the covers and snoring: no, thanks! She wants to get over this fear, so Focus on the Family marriage director Jackson Dunn offers some advice.