Boundaries in Working: Episode 276

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Roundtable: My Job Owns Me

Sometimes you hardly know it’s happening: an extra hour here, an unexpected project there. Next thing you know, you’re living at work, eating takeout and pushing the rest of your life to the back burner. Not the best recipe for emotional and spiritual health, folks. Our panelists talk about their struggle to prioritize their lives when work threatens to take over.

Culture: Live Like a Leader

When thinking about young adults and leadership, Catalyst easily comes to mind. With more than 10 years of conferences, workshops, online tools, podcasts and other resources under its belt, the Catalyst team always has the latest and greatest stuff for training the next generation of leaders. In charge of it all is Brad Lomenick, whose new book The Catalyst Leader identifies the essentials (not suggestions) of a great leader. He gives us a sneak peak in this week’s interview. Oh, and Lisa asks him why he’s still single. Just cuz.

Inbox: All Grown Up

She realizes the value of being independent, but can she take it too far? How can she gain experience, life skills and a can-do attitude without appearing to be invincible? Candice Watters responds.