Can We Be Friends?: Episode 272

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Roundtable: Friendships With Married People

Your friend just got married, and you’re seeing a lot less of her. Is your friendship officially over? Or you’d like to get to know that new guy at church — the one who’s a cyclist, like you — but with three small children, he seems to never have the time. Are friendships between singles and marrieds possible, or do different life stages, interests, schedules and priorities make it nearly impossible to connect? This week’s panel shares insights from both sides of the aisle.

Culture: Pro-Life Miracles Go Mobile

You know about abortion. You’ve heard about (and perhaps helped) pro-life efforts in recent decades. But do you believe that the battle for life is winnable? Michael Homula does. As executive director of ICU Mobile, this single guy with a story is using innovative strategies and hard-core business plans to beat the abortion industry at its own game.

Inbox: The Great Church Search

Few people like church-hunting. It’s intimidating, awkward and usually overwhelming, especially for singles who have to go it alone. This week’s question is from a listener who wants to know how to start the process, what to look for, and how to know when she’s found her match. Martha and I share our thoughts.