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Evangelicals for Life: Episode 467

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Question to discuss:

How can you speak for the voiceless in your own spheres of influence? Which aspect of the pro-life ethic are you most passionate about, and which would you like to understand more?

Roundtable: Pro-Life and the Big Picture

Many people hear “pro-life” and immediately think “anti-abortion.” That’s not wrong, but it’s not the whole story. Life at all ages, stages and circumstances is ordained and blessed by God; this means that the unborn as well as the orphan, the elderly, the refugee, the person with special needs—every person on earth has dignity and value, and is worth fighting for.

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The Kindness Challenge: Episode 466

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Question to discuss:

Could you for 30 days be intentionally kind to someone you dislike? What would doing so look like for you, and what would you expect the outcome to be?

Roundtable: I’m Not Flirting

It’s so frustrating. You’re just trying to be friendly, and he or she thinks you’re flirting. Or you’re hoping to show interest, but it’s interpreted as being merely outgoing. How can you win? Our panel discusses the nuances of plain old kindness versus flirtation, and how to navigate the tricky relational waters of friendship with the opposite sex.   


The Art of Friendship

Have you ever felt stupid? And not just stupid, but really stupid? One of my greatest joys in life is to make new friends. It doesn’t even matter to me which category they fall into. They could be acquaintances, friends or my inner circle of people. I just love meeting and connecting with new people. I pride myself on being inclusive and welcoming. I like to gather with friends and have deep conversations, preferably over coffee.


The Most Difficult Thing in Life

One of my friends told me she learned a lot about herself by being married; in such close quarters, it’s hard to hide anything about yourself, and your constant companion makes you think about your personality and behavior more.

I never really thought about the value of self-awareness until after she brought this up. I became more aware after I made a couple close friendships that involved sacrifice and vulnerability. As an unmarried 27-year-old, I haven’t had a spouse to highlight my personality traits.

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Best of 2016: Episode 465

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Question to discuss:

What was your favorite moment from the show in 2016?

Roundtable: Best Roundtables of 2016

This “best of” from roundtables of 2016 includes hope after the election, a physician panel on pornography, dealing with your parents’ divorce, and a conversation with Boundless fans Zac and Sally Crippen.  

Culture: Best Cultures of 2016

The best interviews of 2016 included discussions on the availability of single men in the United States, a winsome way to do evangelism, how to clear clutter from your life, and doing local church outreach in a cutting-edge way.

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Keeping Christmas All the Year

“I will honour Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year.” ~ Ebenezer Scrooge (A Christmas Carol)

What would it look like to honor Christmas beyond December? What does Christmas mean without the Christmas tree, jolly music, Pinterest crafts, gift buying, sumptuous meals and twinkling lights?  I was raised by parents who faithfully taught me that the real meaning of Christmas was the birth of Jesus, so I know these festivities aren’t central to the holiday.


What Would Jesus Post?

I use social media because I want people to approve of me.

Most of the time, that means posting art I’ve made, tweeting insights I think are clever, or announcing it when I volunteer for something. For others, it might be Facebooking pictures from their vacation in Italy, Instagramming their fancy drink at a hip new bar, or confidently arguing their intelligent political views in the comments of a blog.

I think what we post on social media can be a clue to where we find our value.

Green garlands of fir or pine branches with red and gold Christmas toys door on the veranda.

Home for the Holidays

Countless Christmas songs are written about it. Countless videos are posted about it. But not everyone has a home to go to for the holidays. It’s not a good or bad thing. Sometimes, it just is what is.

That’s where I fit in. My father passed away when I was nine, and I have an estranged relationship with my mother. All of my mother’s side of the family is spread out across the country, and I’ve never been super close to my father’s side of the family.

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2 Ways to Deal With Holiday Blues

I’m a sucker for Christmas. I love the ugly sweater parties, evergreen decor, homemade cookies, festive dinners for family and friends, gift buying, classic holiday music and movies.

Yet during the lulls from festivities and cheer, when I’m alone on quiet nights, I can find myself fighting a quiet melancholy unique to the season. My grandmother died on Christmas day five years ago, and the months leading up to and following her death were some of the darkest of my life.

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Remember Me: Episode 461

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Question to discuss:

What do you want to be remembered for, and what are you doing now to prioritize those things in your everyday life?

Roundtable: How Will You Be Remembered?

Some people want to be famous. Others want to die rich. But for the Christian, eternal impact should be our ultimate life goal. What does this look like, practically speaking? How do we prioritize our time and talents to learn and do things that really matter?